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Friday 30 November 2012

I shoot a lot of black and white photos. Usually I plan these outings and travel to somewhere that I have scouted or passed in a previous travel and I take pictures. Sometimes I see something that is too good to pass up. I have a thing for handwritten signs left for the public. Especially if it is meant for someone in particular but it is left for anyone and everyone to see. There is something about the mystery behind the message and the willingness to have it be out in the open. It could mean so many things to passerby’s, yet mean something totally different for the actual person it was left. It just always intrigues me. Here are few I have shot recently. These were seen as I was driving and I pulled over to take the opportunity to document.

This sign was posted in a tree in a wooded area located right across from a stop sign in my neighborhood. One leaving my neighborhood would have to (or I would hope) stop at the stop sign. While waiting to proceed it would be impossible to miss this sign. It plainly stated. In all caps:

I want you
I need you
I love you

I pulled over after noticing this sign and went to photograph it with my mobile. It remained on that tree for about a week and then disappeared. I still wonder if the person saw it and knew immediately it was aimed for them. Were they happy to see this? Did this make them smile? Was it the perfect day for them? Are they happy now?

A few months ago I went to DC to visit some museums. I parked on the street and I had to stand around and wait while my travel mates found change for our parking meter. While standing around I noticed on the building I was leaning on had these signs in the window. We Can Hear You.

I suppose people are generally loud in that area. It was a nice part of town and kind of out of the way, as much as one could be in DC. Made me think and I loved the sign so here it is!

This lovely sign was left taped to the side of the counter in the entrance to the guidance department during the third week of my employment. Friendly faces left this for all to see hoping to encourage others.

This is a really nice sign made for Suicide Prevention week. Although it wasn’t random it is still noteworthy.

This is not a sign but it is hilarious. Quality answer on a worksheet given out by my husband the math teacher. 

This amazing sign was left on the door to the Guidance office at the school. I arrived early for work one day at 6:55 am. It was already taped there. Someone had to leave it after I left the day before because no students are allowed inside the building until after 7 am. Strange little card. The back of this card was equally amusing. It said something along the lines of "Give this card to someone to show you care". I suppose someone cares here. There was a website url as well but I was afraid it would be a virus so I never visited.

Yesterday while driving to pick up my husband from work. (We car pool). I was sitting waiting for a light and I notice a sign attached to a “No U-Turn” road sign that stated: Somebody fix me please 

Interesting…. I wondered if this was a plea for to fix the road sign itself? It appeared to be in working order. Or was this a different kind of plea. Either way, it had to be photographed so I sat through the light in order to get this done.


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