Part Three of Three in a Row! I Am The Messenger

Thursday 29 November 2012
Part three: I Am The Messenger

I really enjoyed The Book Thief and after reading the jacket about the author that he had penned a few other books. I looked up the most recent, titled: I Am The Messenger. It was, again, very vague in its description. I decided to just try it out. I really enjoyed this book as well. Lovely transition from The Book Thief. It is about Ed. Ed is an ordinary guy with an ordinary job and an ordinary dog. He likes to hang out with his friends and play cards on the weekends. One day he receives an envelope in his mail box that contains one playing card. On this card there are three addresses with a time written after.

Ed goes to these addresses and at the given times and he learns about the people involved. He knows that he must do something for each of them to help them in some way. He has to discover who they are and what they really need and how an ordinary guy like himself, can even help? Through the course of the book you see Ed struggle with himself and this burden and you see him struggle to help people, even in the smallest way. You see how sometimes even a random act of kindness can really help someone and strengthen their soul and go a long way. As the story unfolds, Ed receives more cards and more challenges to help people. It was a beautiful novel, beautifully written. If you are looking for a nice light hearted read this may be the novel for you.


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