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Monday 26 November 2012

Hello again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I said I was back and then I was MIA for again. It’s been hectic. I had a major life change recently. I got a new job! I had been very unhappy for quite some time at my old job doing accounts for the medical office. I was interviewing on the sly for about two years. I had a very narrow pool to interview in, the Board of Education for my county. After countless interviews and lost hope I was given a position at a high school. My first day was October 1, 2012. It has been a huge change for me.

Instead of waking at 7 am and arriving at work at 9 I now have to rise at 5 am!!!! I struggled with this the first week but now I have adjusted and I quite like it. I am off and out the door at 2: 40 every day and get home by 3:30. I have so much time now. To relax, work on things and just hang out. It’s very nice.

Before a bunch of you start spouting off about how I get summers off and all of those days and breaks that teachers get I say to you: Whatevs!

I am considered a 12 month employee in Guidance. I do NOT get summers off. I don’t even get Spring break off. Most of the days teachers and staff have off I have to report just like Administrative/Principal positions. I do get Winter break off and this past week for TGiving I got Black Friday off so it still has more perks than my previous employer. I will say, this whole “working” thing. It’s for the birds. If I have an opportunity to move into an 11 month position and have a month off in the summer, believe me, I am taking it.

Another big change with the new job is working with students. I did a lot of tutoring while working at the medical office but it was all college level tutoring. High School students are very different. Even though they may look older and mature they are, in fact, CHILDREN. I learned this quickly and am adjusting to this whole being in charge thing.

*drawn by a student
A big shocker that I found upon arriving at High School is the little groups people bunch into. I am an adult working in a high school. I DO NOT attend high school. It’s so funny to see how every has a clique. Even as adults. I am the odd man out right now. Even as November is ending. I have been trying. At my old job I was the head of a Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.K) club. I have done several RAKs here and attempted to make friends. I greet everyone I see, every time. I have never been ignored so much in my life! I find it comical and sad. I talked this over with one friendly co-worker and was told that this is a “huge family who has been together for some time and everyone just needs to get adjusted to me coming in, especially mid-year,” Strange. I guess I really am, back in high school.

I have tried to get in with the music and theater nerds but they are tight knit. So far I am waiting to hear if I can help on the Spring production. Someone has to let me in somewhere right?? Eventually.

Lastly, the biggest change with my job is the decrease in stress levels. My former employer was very hectic. It was very difficult to take a vacation or any time off. I have not had an actual vacation in the past 9 years. The most days consecutively that I have had off have been 3. Tops. I had awful benefits. The management and communication was lacking, the company going downhill, I was frustrated every, single day. I was constantly worried about the future of the company. I felt like I was going mad. I would actually cry sometimes on Sundays because I knew I had to go back to that place on Monday and start the week all over. I couldn’t sleep and felt tense all the time. This new job, it’s more relaxed. I don’t feel so stressed any more. I can actually sleep. It’s a whole new level of living.

So that’s my big excuse… what’s new with you??


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