Book Two..Part Two of Three in a Row! The Book Thief

Wednesday 28 November 2012
Part Two: The Book Thief

I was very excited to make my first visit to my school library. As an employee of a high school I get to utilize the library anytime and check out whatever I fancy! It’s super convenient because it’s just right down the hallway! While I was reading Life of Pi I participated in a fun event called a Spooky Scavenger Hunt. It was a way to encourage teachers and staff to utilize our library. Two QR codes (see pictured) ---->  were posted each day that were linked to a book related trivia question.
You had to answer the questions to the best of your ability and if you were unsure of the answer you were to use the LIBRARY to find the answer. A winner was drawn every day from participants that answered both questions correctly.
 By Wednesday I was feeling pretty good. So far I had answered each question correctly and I knew the answers straight away. Thursday, question two was: Who wrote The Graveyard Book? Well, I had no idea! I was intrigued by the title so I stopped by the library and they had a copy. While checking out this book the librarian told me The Graveyard Book was a bit “different” because of its narrator. She then suggested a title that also had a strange narrator. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. This book is narrated by Death.

 It sounded like an odd concept and upon reading the flap I was confused as to what the book was really about. Stealing books?? I talked to the librarian more and I found out that the book is about a young German girl during World War II who struggles with survival during such a hate filled time period. The young girl is an orphan who is placed with foster parents during this time and she struggles to understand how the Nazi’s could have such hatred. She struggles with trying to remain silent in a world where the violence is very loud. It’s a book about empathy, guilt, hatred, and love. I was very touched by this book and I have also thought of the characters and people I read about weeks ago. It was a lovely transition from Life of Pi and I recommend this if you are looking for a great read!

*illustration in the book thief


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