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7 May 2012
So what have I been up to the past year?? Well, I have been baking a lot of cakes, singing a lot of songs, playing a lot of guitar and reading a lot of books. If you are interested in ALL of the cakes of the past year check out my cake blog located on the right side of this blog, click on the link and off you go!

The only new, new thing that is going on is Community Theatre.  I have been into theatre since childhood. I took a lot of theatre in high school and did a few show cases as Anne Frank and Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
There's a local theatre in the town of my high school. I have always gone to the shows and wanted to join up and be apart of things there. I never had time. Then I moved two county's and about an hour and ten minutes away so I really had no time. Recently I made time. It took a lot of emails and getting to know people who knew people but I finally was granted an interview to get in on a show for back stage work. I was incredibly nervous because I really wanted this to happen. I had a lot of pre-meet emails with a gentleman called Austin. I was to bring a portfolio of my work. I was terrified. I do a lot of art but my idea of a portfolio is to upload a picture taken from my smart phone that was sent to the Facebo_k.

I found myself scrambling to get pictures from social networks, I called my Ma and my Ma-in law and asked them to photograph everything I ever painted or created for them. I printed them at a local photo shop and stuck them in a really nice picture album I purchased, last minute and showed up to my meeting. I was expecting an older guy, Austin, but I walked in to meet a 17 year old boy, completely adorable and incredibly nice. We became fast friends and he along with a stage director were less into a hard core portfolio and laughed when I told them of my scrambling a photo album together. They were impressed with my work and offered me a job as head painter on an upcoming show. I was ecstatic to say the least.

After this meeting I had an audition for Wizard of Oz. It was on a Monday night and I had prepared for this audition for two whole months. Prepared monologue and a song. I practiced almost every day, in the car, with the original vocals song, with instrumentals, mic'ed and not mic'ed, anywhere, everywhere. I was incredibly nervous because I am not very competitive. I don't like that during an audition you are performing in front of a bunch of people who ultimately want you to fail so they can have the part you want. I wrote to Jim. My favorite musician of all time and a person I look up to. He gave me some amazing advice. "Practice until you know you can nail the beginning because once you get that it's smooth sailing after, nerves are good-use them, have fun, because if you aren't then what's the point?...etc"

I felt better and I did. I nailed the audition. Unfortunately, I didn't get a part (I only asked for background anyway). I am very familiar with this theater and I had just gone to see a musical there and every one cast in Wizard was recycled from this musical that I had just seen. Funny huh? I asked a friend that I know is in this community and he explained it's pretty tight knit. You need to infiltrate to get a part. You need to make friends, become familiar with people and just keep trying. Which is what I plan on doing. I am head painter for Into the Woods and I was recently offered to do sound design and run sound board for Wizard of Oz since I became fast friends with the Department Head of Sound at the theatre.

Right now it's a lot of work, all volunteer and a lot of travel but I enjoy being a part of something in the arts and creating with other talented people.

Also,  I am planning to try out again for To Kill A Mockingbird in a few weeks. Fingers crossed!
Either behind or on stage I am happy to be involved and my goal is to work up to a medium part on at least one show. I love it so much it would be a joy.

*quote from Wizard of Oz


phinner May 7, 2012 at 11:30 AM  

you're so brave! its cool that you got advice from Jim!!!

happy Monday, Pens!!! : .0

The Bumbles May 25, 2012 at 10:34 PM  

What will you be auditioning for in TKAM? I loved the play production of it when I saw it a few years ago. Completed the book-movie-theater trifecta for me!

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