Guess Who's Back...Back Again..?

6 May 2012
Hello! Have you all gone?? I feel like I am hearing myself echo in here. In the past two weeks I have been reflecting on Blogger. This started because I had three Blogger friends ask me about this blog. Why did you leave? Are you ever coming back?
Upon reflection, the answer is, I am really not sure why I left. I guess got busy and/or the lump of time I carved out to blog had to be rescheduled and probably a little bit of laziness. As time went on I checked back in and wanted to say something but I felt like I didn't know what to say. What would people want to read? Would they even care?

This brought me to reflect upon why I originally started a blog. I was having horrible insomnia. After trying OTC meds and then a prescribed sleep med, which I hated, I decided to try therapy. In therapy I learned that apparently, I cared way too much about what people wanted to hear and tried to alter everything for each person, so much so that I was losing myself. This blogger was an idea from my therapist. Write for myself. Be myself.

It started out as a very negative place, full of only things and people that annoyed me and was titled "The Winter of Our Discontent". It was completely anonymous and dark. It turned into "Penny Lane" turned into a place of laughter and love and music and fun and ME. I ended up making some really amazing friends along the way.

I decided to come back and write again for myself. Just write what I feel. Just be me. If you read it you read it. *If you don't, don't (*I am so incredibly excited that I just used the phrase "If You Don't Don't in a sentence because it happens to be the title of my favorite song of all time."

I never had a huge amount of followers and I didn't really ever have a rhyme or a reason for blogger other than to entertain myself, I suppose and if I ended up entertaining someone else along the way it was an added bonus.

I looked over my last few posts. The last dated 8 March 2011, over a year ago. I can honestly say, not much has changed in life. I am still hanging out with the Hubs, I still love music and it is still a centerpiece of my life, I still love Jim Adkins,I still play guitar, I still love art and expression, I still work in accounting, I still watch a ton of movies, especially documentaries and indies, and I am still trying to out read myself on my "Number of Books Read" every year. Sadly, my numbers are declining, although my page numbers are increasing (larger books).

So with this said I'm back. No rhyme, no reason, just me. Hanging out. I hope you stop by and say hello!

*blog title: Eminem-Without Me


phinner May 6, 2012 at 8:45 PM  

well, HELLO!

really, its as if you never left!!! : .)

its all good!

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