♪ ..."As Simple As It Gets..." ♪

Lots of things going down in PennyLane!
I'm very frazzled lately. I feel as if I have obtained a new level of insanity.
Here are a few updates:
-I've had a lot more traffic over at Songs in my heART blog! Which I love, love, love.

-I had a health scare, which was found to be significantly less worrisome than previously thought.

-I've started a giant scrapbooking project, covering all of my Jimmy Eat World adventures, since 1999. (Mostly how I found them and many, many concerts and travel-up until now)

-I may have a cake order for 200 cupcakes in April (holy wowza)..

-Just found out Jim will be coming back around East Coast in June-looks like I'm heading off to New Jersey for this.

-I found out Anthony Jr. likes to watch sports...

-Finished two amazing novels by Jonathan Safran Foer. He touches my heart every time I pick up his books. Please look him up..you won't regret it ♥

-On reading Hebrew? -I'm halfway there..

-Been filling up my art journal!

-Searched for my lost keys for an hour and a half yesterday, only to find they were in my purse.
-I got one of these, bitches! My life is forever changed.

-Even though I was against it, I actually found a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network that I enjoy watching. It's a documentary series.

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