Do Ya Love Me?

In honor of Valentines Day I ask you all:
Who/What do you Lve??

Here are a few things that I heart

this guy ♥♥♥

and to go along with above...Super excited about my road trip. I love a musical road trip!

My beauty-ful JA 90.

Teen Mom 2. I SO look forward to you every week...


Extra time playing JA. Set aside time each weekend to spend time with him!

My new art journal! Loving it so far!

My Bud ♥♥♥

Cupcakes orders lately! So much easier than Cakes!

AtC Arts :)

Semi-Charmed Kind of Life...

So I've been M.I.A for awhile. I tried to go back and catch up with all my bloggie buds but I've been missing longer than I originally thought. I'm sorry I have neglected you. It's been hectic in life as of late.

I started taking a class to learn hebrew, had a few cake orders, got about three new/extra duties to do at work, planning an out of state road trip and I am about to begin the process of taking the PRAXIS for special ed teaching certification.

Busy times in Penny Lane. I have managed to read in all of this jumble and I have found that since finishing The Prince of Tides I can not find a decent book to follow up. I have started and stopped more books in the past three weeks than I ever have. Starting to get a little discouraged. Like these:

Lolita-Vladimir Nabokov- (too much of everything)
The Sound and the Fury-William Faulkner (too much repition)
A Thousand Acres-Jane Smiley (too many farming facts, not enough character development)
Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy-Sharon Lathan (too much romance)

I can not be pleased right now. I need a book intervention! Please give me words of encouragment/advice bloggie buds!

And now for something completely different:
What do
Slim Jims


and this really radical book have in common?

They all have something to do with my current road trip! Jim has kindly hooked me up with some passes to Allentown, PA on Saturday. I'm driving out with Bud Saturday morning.

I'm pretty excited because if you remember correctly, Bud is from Minersville (about an hour out from Allentown). We are going to visit some family/friends of Bud, she's going to show me around, get a cheese steak and then head over to see the man of the hour!
We are driving back same night because the following day I get to see Jim, again, in DC.
I plan on getting hopped up on Dunkin Donuts for the drive home and am currently planning a Road Trip Playlist. I have to soundtrack every element of my life.
I'm sticking to poppy, fast, upbeat, driving music...I've already added Destiny's Child and NSYNC (haha)
Any ideas??

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