A Question of Creativity..

Wednesday, 19, January 2011

I have hit a creative stump. I am looking to work on some ATC's. I have some great lyrics in mind but my mind pulls a blank when thinking of how to portray them. I've been craftie shopping, I've listened to music, I've played guitar, Nothing.

I have looked at a few of my readers Art Journals recently. I am always amazed at the random creativity that ends up getting explored in those.
My questions to my Bloggie buds: [if you keep a journal and/or art journal] Do you keep a theme to your art journaling?
How do you get your creativity flowing?
What motivates you to create?

Have You Heard the Good Word??

14, January 2011
For the record, let it be known that on this fourteenth day of January I entered my fav. coffee stop to pick up a fresh Colombian cup and at check out I notice these:

What say you, public??
I say: Holy Wowzers!

A few things I know and don't know:
I know that I don't celebrate Easter. I actually, can't even tell you what day (or month for that matter) Easter falls on/in.
I do know, however, that Easter is NOT in January. I also know that I can not recall a time when I was able to purchase Easter candy in January. I know that this was an amazing breakfast this morning with my Colombian coffee.
I know that this brightened my day....I also know that this may, sort of , negate my treadmill.

Furthermore, I know that even though I don't celebrate the holiday I have no problem partaking in the purchasing of Christian chocolate eggs filled with sugary goodness.
So for this January surprise, I thank you and I say: Bring on the Peeps!!

Pot of Corn!

Firstly, let me just say, I love all animals. I will feed anything. I love, love, love squirrels! I try to keep corn in stock for them year round. It's been rather snowy, rainy and messy in Maryland lately so I filled up a little cauldron (a Halloween decoration) with corn and I leave it on my porch. Each morning I go out and spread some food out for my pals. Yesterday evening, upon returning from work/outings I noticed some corn debris scattered around the porch. I assumed one of the squirrels was coming up on the porch to dig in rather than partake in the foods left out in their feeder.

This morning I was running late to work (always) and I was just about to walk outside when I
saw this guy!! (below) I actually walked onto my porch and he remained. I guess he was really hungry or was excited to hit the mother load of foods!!

This put a smile on my face and I hope he keeps coming back!
Hope all of you had an awesome day!

Just a Little Thing..

4, January 2011
A few ATC's I posted over at songs in my heART! I know some of you are ARTistic..please submit something! I would love to see what you come up with!
When things really get up and running and I get an idea of who is going to be participating I want to give some prompts to help inspire. I was thinking of a little something like this:

Art a song that reminds you of your best friend
Art a song that changed your life
Art a song that summarizes you

Anyone have any other prompt ideas? I'm creating a list and any help is appreciated :)

So without further ado, My ATCs

Everyone here knows I love, love,love Jimmy Eat World. These are two from their new album Invented.

"I'm sorry boy, I'm not cut for this no more"

Little Thing-"..The cab ride you said nothing, just hair all in your face...just a little thing, buried in the other things, burning away from inside, could you be with me tonight?"

songs in my heART....

I just opened a new site called songs in my heART. This is a place for artists to display their artwork inspired by music. ATC's, paintings, photography-all are welcome. New art and inspirations will be posted as recieved. There are no deadlines and perhaps, an occasional prompt, and other than that you are free to be inspired by the songs in your heART!

If anyone here is interested in participating, please do! It would be radical to have you!

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