Translated By Photo..

My Wand pen for writing. Authentic Harry wand/pen. My Harry Potter tattoo. [real]

My hand made wand detail!

Hogwarts Crest on my Robes

'Arry Shoes ♥

Harry book sack

The Boy Who Lived

Hedwig, My Wand [handmade] and my wand/pen

My Bud, The Hot Dog. Doing her Hot Dog pose.
p.s. For Breakfast Bud stopped to purchase a Hot Dog. Is this cannibalism??

Hot Dog At Work

Ford's Theatre Treasure! PENNY Ear rings. As soon as I lay eyes on these guys I knew I needed them in my life. I love things related to my name :)

President Lincoln's Box at Ford's

Oh The Thinks I Have Thunk...

Wednesday, 27, October 2010

A few things on my mind this week, thought I would share!

-While listening to the radio on the way in to work (my ipod died :( RIP) a local radio show discussed women and their obsession with shoes. Don't get me wrong, I love shoes...but I also love I rarely buy new shoes. After debates on how much the average woman spends on shoes the subject of women judging other women on their shoes came up. Apparently the entire DC and Maryland areas are full of women going around staring at other women's shoes and smack talking. This is absurd. I can honestly say that when I meet a fellow female in public or in passing I never think to look at their shoes. I really could give a flying what kind of shoes they are wearing. I just found this to be absurd...Anyone do this? And/or heard of this?

-JIM WILL BE RETURNING!! February 13th! Super-de-dooper excited about this!!

-I have a pretty radical opportunity to go to Fords Theatre this week to watch a presentation by James L. Swanson talk about Booth and Lincoln and his new book Bloody Crimes. I have never visited Fords so I am pretty excited to go! Back in my ghost hunting days I got to investigate Dr. Sam Mudd's home. If interested read the report here!

-After much debate Bud and I decided on our Halloween costumes. Bud will be a HOT DOG!! This makes me giggle..

My costume is self made. I purchased a red and yellow polo shirt, I will be wearing a black scrub jacket with the Hogwarts crest on it, black and white converse shoes and a Hogwarts bookbag. [see picture]

I have a hand made wand! My friend who does a bit of wood working took a stick and carved it down, added a clear coat and stain for protection, added a bit of leather at the end for holding and burned a lightening bolt into the bottom of the wood. It's pretty amazing. I will take a picture of it on the day to share! To top my costume off I have a stuffed animal Hedwig who will accompany me to work!

-Attended my final wedding of the year last Saturday. It was interesting, to say the least. I am so very glad to be at my end of weddings for the year!

-I am currently finishing up book 65 for the year. I originally wanted to read 100 books. By August I got held up and changed my goal to something more realistic-75. I am planning to read Gone With the Wind after I finish Man Hunt. Gone with the Wind has about 1048 pages. Can I count this as three books?? This may hinder my goal of 75 but I am curious to read it and looking forward to the journey!

So, What's on your mind??

Tis the Season!

I remembered my mobile :) Here are a few pictures of my spooky decorations!

"I Open At The Close"

Just a quick post today.


I decorated my home for Halloween and I took some pictures to show everyone and of course today I forgot my mobile and am unable to load them! Gah...maybe tomorrow.

Here is a sneak peek:

I have narrowed down my costume selection to Jackie O
or Harry Potter.

I know, I know, these are two crazy choices! I am really leaning towards Harry. I have to represent!
Speaking of Harry......................................Is anyone else excited about Deathly Hallows Part One???????

I am currently reading the book [again] to prepare and I keep going back to watch the trailer because it looks so amazing!!

So I Says To Him, I Says....

Remember yesterday when I told you about the friendly car park attendant who colorfully got on me about my Boston Red Sox magnet?? It has happened again. I can't catch a break this week because of this magnet.

I had to stop and get fuel yesterday at my favorite 711...while waiting for my car to fill up an older gentleman was walking by and eyeing my car. I know that my car is cute..but he was giving it the "eye".
He noticed me noticing him and he says to me, rather sternly: "You a Boston fan?".
Me: "Yes Sir"
Him: "Why?" [insert evil laugh]
Me: "Always have been"
Him: "I've got bad news for ya, You are not going to like me. I'm a Yankees fan".

We both chuckled together and then bonded over our mutual hatred of the Washington Redskins and our mutual love of Peyton Manning.

I love a good sports related smack talk. It's all in good fun!
Happy Friday!!

"Waving To Me From Your Friends Cabriolet..."

It is with a heavy heart that I announce there were no jazz hands at the Philly show. I repeat: No jazz hands.

On the other hand I had a lovely chat and a big bear hug. *sigh*

I am entirely too lazy to actually load any pictures so you will have to settle with the pics I snapped on my phone for now.

Firstly, I arrived at Philly early. During parking the attendant became severely irritated with my Boston Red Sox license plate cover, car magnet and hat in my back window. I believe he used the colorful phrase: "What the f*ck is that about?". I'm sorry the Phillies suck guy.
Bud and I decided to find a cool spot to have some dinner. Along our way I belive I was asked by six different men for a cigarette. I should have purchased an extra pack just for the occassion. In exchange for a smoke I got directions to this: "really hip little diner with on the cheap with pizza and sandwiches". Called Silk City. Well after walking about a mile we arrived and hip, cheap, pizza and sandwiches it was not my friends! They had collectively 5 things on the menu. Everything was about $9 and up...which is expensive when all you are getting are three tiny perogies and a small pile of onions. By the way, the food was crap. I think I had a few bites and that was that. I just kind of wanted to get out of there by that point.

On the way back to the show I had devised a plan to sneak recording equipment in. A friend on the message board is a professional sound guy and asked if people would be willing to record shows. He shipped me all of this stuff and I felt like a spy for the FBI. I will say this: The band doesn't care if we record...the VENUE has issues with recording.

Firstly, I had to shove this recorder into the bottom of my bag and then during my search at the door I diverted the door man's attention from my purse and made some small talk about how last year my car was vandalized and my GPS was stolen so I had to bring it into the venue with me. He was friendly enough to keep talking to me so he overlooked my equipment :)

When I got in I had to shove a wire through my jacket sleeve and down into my purse and then run the two mic's (which look like headphones) alone side of my glasses. haha. I'm sure I looked interesting. It went over well and I just heard from the sound guy that I was the only one to come through with recording so I am really hoping the show comes out nice! Lots of pressure here.
The band sounded amazing. They were just spot on and put on a really B.A. show! But I kinda knew this going in...or I am kinda biased..

At shows end I headed outside to have some words with the Man. During our chat we were interrupted by a lovely man, called Chuck, who was drinking a Coors Light and decided to free style rap for us for about five minutes. It was pretty intense.

After my chat and serenade by Chuck, Bud and I decided to make the long journey home. It took about 3 and half hours. I loaded up on cheap coffee and listened to 90's boy bands music to keep me wired. All in all...awesome trip ♥

" ♪ You're Just Too Good To Be True..♪"

I have been M.I.A lately. I have some intense writers block happening. Things are going on but are they interesting enough to blog about? Probably not. I will briefly bring you up to speed on things since one single part of the equation is too boring but the sum of all parts may raise an eyebrow or two :)

-Had a girls night at Penny Lane with Bud. We drank some cheap (really, really cheap) wine and watched 80's films. Bud has never seen the following, (please hold all GASPS until the end of the list) The Goonies, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Say Anything, Wizard of Oz..I could go on but I'm embarassed by her actions at this point. Last Friday we had dinner, the wine, some laughs and about an hour and 45 minutes later she was in love with Jake Ryan.

-Read a book on lucid dreaming and how to control your dreams and I tried some experiments with this and failed. Currently reading my very first David Sedaris book. So far, I like.

-I've been working pretty seriously with Bud's cousin from PA-for privacy reasons I will call him Jay. He is looking to move to the area so I wrote his resume and have been setting him up with info on jobs and apartments. He is incredibly radical...but then again, he is related to Bud so why wouldn't he be? Looking forward to seeing him when he comes to visit.

-Thinking about Halloween. This year it is on a Sunday (this makes me think of Jim auto-magically-♪"on a sunday..I thought it through..."♪). I have a big Halloween party every year but people are driving out of the way to attend so Sunday is not going to work. Thinking of celebrating on Saturday but I hate this. It's half assed.
-Also, thinking about what my costume will be for Halloween. Last year I was Alice. I spent about $50 on the costume so I am considering just recycling and using it again. I really wanted to be Frodo but I don't have the whole outfit complete. Any suggestions?

-Planning the big trip to Philly on Monday. Bud and I are driving up and we have taken off work, mapped out a plan and a schedule. Possibilities of meeting up with Bud's sister or with Jay. Looking forward to meeting up with Jim. I seriously think he should serenade me, onstage, with a cover of Can't Take My Eyes Off of You complete with jazz hands....because honestly, who can sing that song without throwing some jazz hands in there?

Any Questions???

Big Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I love this time of year. It starts to cool down, it's my date of birth season, leaves start to fall and change and look beautiful, you can start to wear that comfy hoodie you love so much and in my area the County Fairs start! I live in what is called "The Tri-County" area so I get to attend THREE fairs!! Last weekend after my DOB festivities Bud and I attended the county fair.

I was slightly gutted because it was humid and 87 degrees outside. This is not proper Fall/Fair weather. I did score some cotton candy so it was onward and upward after that!
Here are some pictures I took along the way!

My DOB gift from Bud. I love, love, love it

Mac The Sack (take a gander at his name tag) I had a laugh over this for quite some time.

Approaching the fair

Where I buy THE coveted cotton candy..*drool*

The Ring Toss!

Bud tossing some rings! She won a stuffed animal and later at another game won two framed pictures of tractors. Yes, that's right, Tractors.

The Ferris Wheel. Bud was riding solo!

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