Have I Told You Lately, That I Love.....The Library?

Well, I do ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I am ending my journey through Nick Hornby's works and will soon start [finally] Franny and Zooey. Throughout my reads I often come across a quote that I am keen on. I usually stick a post- it in the page for later recording or I will write it on a sticky and leave it on my desk to later be added to my quote journal. Sometimes, after transferring them into my quote journal, I will put the sticky back into the library book for later finding by a stranger who borrows the same book. My reasoning: Maybe a little something that touched me will touch someone else or make someone smile or just brighten a day.

I will admit, I always secretly hope that in my reading journeys I will find a random post it in my borrowed books. Yesterday I got my hope..well kind of...in another form.

I needed to read my final Nick Hornby novel: High Fidelity. I was also interested in reading Franny and Zooey and my library didn't have either of these titles. I had to order them inner-library and I received notification that yesterday they were both in and waiting for me to pick up. On my way back to my car, after picking up my books, I opened the cover of High Fidelity and peeking out of the inside plastic flap was a receipt of sorts. I recognized it immediately because when you do a self check out my library you get a handy receipt printed that includes your name, a list of what you checked out, the date and the date these items are due. Quite handy to keep you organized and also handy if you need a book mark in a pinch.

So peeking out behind the book jacket was a book receipt for a Mr. A [we will just code name him that] from March of 2008. On 26 of March, Mr. A, who visited a library in another town, checked out High Fidelity, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and Burning Bright.

From this receipt I can deduce the following:
number one/a: Mr A. must like English authors and novels, as I do.
number two/b: I have read Hornby and Bridget Jones and loved them both, but have never read/heard of Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier. I am always looking for a new author or a good book and here was one printed for me in my book jacket.
number three/c: Burning Bright is probably an English novel as well since Mr. A appeared to be on a role.

This morning I researched Burning Bright and it is, indeed, an English novel. I read a lot of suggested novels and am always asking friends, my bloggie buds or entertainment we*kly for suggestions, so in a cosmic way Mr. A made my day by leaving me a suggestion! It's the little things right?

So bloggies, do you have any similar quirks? Ever leave a quote or a good word in a public place? If not I dare you to just try it once before the week is out. Who knows, maybe you will make someone smile or make someones day and that is well worth it!
So go on then, I dare you :)

"Join Us For Our Wedding MINI-BREAK"

Have I told you that I'm so over this whole wedding business? Well I am.

This weekend is Hubby's brothers wedding. It's going to be an extravaganza.

I don't want to say too much about this but just know that I am the epitome of anger and bitterness at this point.

A few bits I will mention:

I found out that Hubs and I are sitting at the childrens table. With no other immediate family. We are a bit of the black sheep, you think?

Also, just received a formal invitation to "Brunch" the day after the wedding with the bride/groom and the parents. [ I threw this directly into the bin. ]

Firstly, the wedding is on a Sunday. Not taking off on Monday when I have to see you people on Saturday and Sunday. I'm already traveling about two hours for this only to sit with snot nosed brats (sorry this is my childless-ness speaking) and in the midst of drunken fools...why would you really think I want to extend this visit??

I mean, I'm obviously not normal..so tell me people..do normal folks actually WANT to spend an entire weekend with a bridal party? I know that it's etiquette to have a brunch the following day for out of town guests but who actually attends these things? Rephrase: Who actually wants to attend these things? I feel like weddings these days are like mini breaks. You have to take off work, rearrange life, buy new outfits and travel AND you want me to spend three days with you and your family? Get the eff' outta here!!! Maybe it's just me. Probably. I mean I don't think I would really want to spend three days with my own family...much less, yours. :)

Thankfully, Hubby starts teaching that Monday (ooooohhh darn!!) so we will miss the "Brunch" but I am still extremely baffled by the whole idea. I think a large part of this has to do with requirement. This is not one of those with the options to Decline. It's forced. So thoughts on the Brunch? Am I just being a bitch?

ps. Yes, I drew that picture above of the sheeps. Don't make fun of me.

Love and Cat Nip..

I have a thought provoking question and a funny story today.

Firstly, I was reading an article that was published the Daily Telegraph written by James May. He mentioned his furry love: Fusker. James claims that he doesn't think Fusker loves him or that cats love their owners...read here:

"Before anyone writes in with some cod psychology and any nonsense about me projecting on to a dumb animal, I am well aware that Fusker does not love me. He loves cat food.

The flow of adoration runs in one direction; I spend hours talking to him, even though the only word he might possibly understand is "Fusker", and in return not one sound of any consequence has ever emanated from his witless furry face. He has never passed me a spanner or written any of this column, except for a bit that went fasdfij ffeug djdvbv9821. "

I had a laugh but then I started thinking more about it later when I arrived at my friends home to feed his cats. I'm house sitting for the past two weeks and he has two boys: Chuckie and Shadow. They seem terribly lonely and I feel so horrible leaving them after I scoop and feed them. My hubby, when he is off and I go off to work, states that when I leave in the morning my Anthony will go to the door and look up at the door knob and cry for about half hour.

I know a few of you who read my blog have furry companions. Do you think our animals love us? Do they have the capability to miss us? I certainly love my boys to bits AND I miss them when I am away. Any thoughts?

As for the funny bit of this blog entry:

My younger cat Anthony has worked out the time that I usually arrive home from work. Hubs reports that everyday around the same time Anthony will stop what he is doing, go into the bay window and await my arrival. After I pull in the drive he jumps down and promptly waits at the door for me to enter. I am to give him three smooches and rub his tum and then he follows me around for awhile begging for a pet. I am accustomed to this greeting from Anthony.

Yesterday Husband was out and when I arrived home I noticed Anthony was not in his place in the bay window. I opened the door and he wasn't waiting for me. I did notice that he had gotten into his toy bin and pulled out about fifteen different toys and they were randomly placed all over the floor and littered down the hall. A few items in the family room were knocked over, the coat closet was open with two different shoes pulled out into the hall. Further down the hall my linen closet was also opened.

I went to investigate further and found at the entrance of my bedroom a "Christmas Man". I purchased this Christmas Man while out and about last Christmas season. He is a little stuffed man with a red and green outfit on and located on his tummy there is a pouch where you can insert little questionably looking sacks of cat nip (that are included in packaging). I usually hide this toy from the boys because they tend to go nuts on the cat nip.

Apparently Anthony had found said Christmas Man got a little crazy, made some bad decisions, ripped the toy bin apart and decided to run about and open all of the closets in the house in a drugged up frenzy.

I found him pretty much passed out on my side of the bed. When I turned on the light he simply lifted his head, gave his little half meow half purr and put his head back down as if saying: "I'm spent".

The Adventures of Captain Slow

I have a really hard time obeying speed traffic laws. I just always feel the need for speed. I guess this translates well into my "non-driving" life. I am always in a rush, always want to finish things quickly and efficiently. Naturally I am usually driving over the speed limit. I've had many citations since the age of 16 for this reason. It's sort of a running joke in my family.

You, bloggie buds, will be the first to know. I have changed. For the past month I have made it my personal goal to only drive the speed limit. At first this was difficult for me...now, it's just right.
How and Why, you ask? Well, in the time period of one week I was pulled over twice.

Thankfully, I got a warning citation on both (which NEVER happens) so after the second time I decided I should quit while I'm ahead.

In my new found fun as a responsible driver I had an almost damaging experience yesterday. I was approximately 7 miles from my work. I was in the "slow" lane. A gentlemen in a giant SUV (I really loathe SUV's..of all sorts) proceeded to basically attempt to drive OVER top me. He was tail gating me like a professional. The passing lane was open. I was slightly irritated. When I reached my exit I merged and he did the same. He followed me into the carpark of my job. There is a long drive here that leads into an open area for parking. He was right on my ass so I accelerated a bit...to 35 mph. Apparently I was ruining this guys life.

Now, I have to digress: I am not an angry person. I may be bitter at times but not angry. I do not shout at people and would never resort to violence or even think of resorting to violence. This silver SUV man angered me so much that I wanted to give him the finger! I am not that kind of girl but yesterday morning I just felt the irresistible urge to tell him to Eff off and then slam on my breaks, exit my car and proceed to kick his tire in protest. Jerk.

Well just as I was about to lift my finger of fury at this man I decided not. I pulled into my spot and decided coffee was a better decision here. Perhaps I was at fault here. I am now dubbed Captain Slow, it is irritating to be stuck behind someone slow...

I exit my car and start to walk into my building. I see the silver, SUV man park and I see him exit his vehicle. He comes into focus. He is a very high top executive for the new company that just bought my company out!! Sweet Pete I am glad I kept my cool. Probably not a good idea to give an executive of your company the finger.

So again, I say: Quit while you're ahead PennyLane...quit while you're ahead.

ps. apologies in advance if anyone is ever caught behind me driving. I am now the picture of good traffic regulations.

A Visual Tour Through My Weekend!

I had an ART filled weekend with a side of shopping! Here's a little visual tour!

I sarted off with the Art Exhibition episode of Top Gear, where my darling James created this amazing sculpture out of parts of a car. Of course, I can't find a picture of it AND Richard ended up destroying it after all of James hard work. Typical.

After that I indulged in some Toy Stories episdoes-Plasticine and Lego House. Always good for a second time around.

(heart drawn by penny ♥)

After this I did a little shopping. I was on the hunt for a slip on pair of shoes on the cheap. Something for work. I found these..(which I am currently wearing today)

In the children section (It pays to be hobbit sized) I found these cuties.

Plus this all gets better because P@yLess had a Bogo so I got both for $17.00

Next, I purchased some goodies for a care package! My lovely in Derbyshire! I got her some really cute items! I had to throw in some U.S. of A socks because what lovely girl from the United Kingdom wouldn't want to own their very own pair of socks that say: USA???
I also send her lots of Big Red gum as she LOVES it and it is not available for purchase in her hometown. I keep her stocked in this gum snack.

I included an ATC, that I created, of her fav. Fall Out Boy song to go along with her package. Sugar We're Going Down.

I am hoping she will come visit this year. I have not seen her in three years and last time she came around we had a blast.

After shopping I checked the post and what do you know?? New shirt! (currently wearing this as well)

Also recieved a James May sticker with my favourite catch phrase!

After my shopping and recieved goodies I went to work on finishing my [NOW] solo project: The Quote Journal.
Theme: My Favourite Quotes of All Time (I used an Alice theme because she's my fav)

Theme: Love Quotes. Paper was brushed with tea and edges burned and crumpled for texture.

Then I set to work on repainting some canvas for my master bedroom. I love Black and White...anything! Clothes, shoes, bags, painting, photos...I am a black and white girl. Most of my clothes are black and white combos. Both loo's are done in Black and White with b&w photography included. This will explain these:

Lastly, I had a cake order for a friend. He loves/plays Hockey so his girlfriend asked me to do a hockey man in his colours and include his number! She picks it up today for him. I hope he loves it!

Kicking It Old Skool

I need your thoughts on a matter.
I am the type of person that while out and about if I pass something that seems to be just right for a friend I will purchase it. Granted these items are always under five dollars. Most often it's from the Five Below shop or in a dollar bin.
I ask because I recently sent two little care boxes to a friend who moved out of state. She was having a hard time as of late and I sent her a few little items to cheer her up. I included some artwork (my ATC's) and some music and other cute little items I saw along my travels. She honestly, thought it odd.
To add more color to this picture, I am also a card fanatic. I am constantly stopping at Hallmark and constantly sending little greeting cards to friends to just say: Hey, I think you're amazing/brilliant/radical...pick one. I mean who wouldn't want to go to the mail box and find a greeting card with some positive remarks written in it from someone who cares? That would certainly make my day!

Okay, I realize and am fully aware that I am, in fact, ODD. In my defense, I didn't really think giving someone a small gift is odd.
To continue my defense: I do have a lot of friends that don't live in my area, thanks to the world wide web.
I don't have any children so I can't very well purchase them tiny little gifts.
I like to shop on the cheap.
I like giving things to people that are thoughtful.
Lastly, I believe in treating others as you want to be treated and frankly, I would like to know that people think of me when they see something and smile, or care enough to drop me line old skool-Snail mail.

So bloggie buds, am I missing something here? Am I really odd?

Okay, maybe don't answer that last bit....

A Bit Dramatic..

I am pretty tired and cranky today so this is a perfect opportunity to complain about a few items:
You can purchase all sorts of International channels. In fact, Comcast offers 15 different Indian channels. They also have a German Channel package available for purchase.
You can not, however, order any other BBC other than BBC America.

Well, how the hell am I supposed to watch James May At The Edge of Space, James May On the Moon or Man Lab???
My daily fix of Captain Slow will now be reduced to re-shows of Top Gear. This is because Toy Stories has just had it's "Finally".
Woe is me.
Someone please cue up the song: "I can't liiiivvveeeee, if living is without you.......I can't liiiiivvveee, I can't giiiivvve anymore.."

(pic taken from BBC homepage. Purple hearts drawn by a very silly pennylane. )

-I am one of those who uses a seperate shampoo and conditioner. Don't you hate it when you are so tired and don't really bother looking at the bottle and you squeeze a generous amount of conditioner on your hair only to realize you meant to be putting shampoo on?? Maybe it's just me. I am super, dooper clumsy and cheap..so at $6-$7.00 per bottle every little bit counts. I did this last night. I mean, what do you do?

-I am going to watching a friends house/pets for about two weeks. I am slightly irritated because his house is out of my way home. Makes my commute longer (already an hour each way) and traffic is always nerve wracking on that end. He left last evening and we called to discuss my duties. He had thrown in: Taking his bins down to be picked up, checking his mail, and deposting a check that he will be recieving.

I will not be paid for this and I am guilted into it because: "I am the only one he knows in this area...everyone else lives too far to tend to his home every evening".
I am too nice.
Dear backbone,
Please grow.
Thank you,

I need a shirt that states: USE ME.

-Remember the whole attitude adjustment bit I told you I needed? It's not working. I think it has to do with the new phone system installed in my company. There is a phone tree. This simlpy means when our lazy phone ops decide they don't want to answer the phone it will be routed to another person and then another and so on. Well guess what???? I'm number two on the phone tree!! I share an office (closet) with reception and I'm almost admin so I get to be responsible for all missed calls plus the Manager line. My phone never stops now. Mostly because Reception (1)reads all day, (2) Just stares at the phone when it rings.

Yes, ladies, you are meant to ANSWER that when it rings. Not rocket science. In fact, it's the whole point of your job! The only thing you are paid to do is pick up the phone when it sounds.
This attitude adjustment-
yeah, just not working out.

Unfinished Projects...

I started this amazing project with two friends. We were creating scrapbook pages with our favorite quotes on them. We picked 9 topics and each week we were to meet and exchange our pages. So far we have completed:

Motivational Quotes
Fave Lyrics
Quotes from a Book
Funny Quotes
Love Quotes
Movie Quotes

(Below is a picture of the paper I created for the background of my Movie page)

Below is the completed Movie page. The quotes are written as a movie script: ie:
Forrest stands at the bottom of the staris with both hands on his hips. Below Jenny stares at him...
FORREST: I'm not a smart man but I know what love is..

Behind each quote is an old film negative to give it extra punch!

I have only recieved three of my co-pilots pages-someone forgot one-someone had to cancel-someone was sick..etc, etc.

It's frustrating because the last four meetings have been cancelled. The project was supposed to be finished by now and I am pretty sure it won't be finished at all. All motivation and desire seems to be lost except on my behalf. I put a lot of work into this and I am quite proud of my work. My book displaying our pages has empty slots for my co-hosts pages. What should I do?

Do I take the pages out of my co-hosts? Leave them in up until the moment they quit and then just finish with my own? I'm a libra folks- I need balance and I am growing anxious as I type this-to leave them in and then round the book off with just mine gives me vertigo.

Any ideas?

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