The Curious Incident of The Chocolate Countdown And The Night-Time....

Thursday: 2, December 2010

For those of you who work in an office I'm sure you are all too familiar with occasional "misplaced" item from your desk. My co-pilot [office mate] had her phone charger disappear. A month later her earbuds to her ipod were mysteriously gone. After purchasing about six candy bars from another co-worker from a fund raiser she stacked them on her desk, next morning all but two were left standing.

Myself? I am fond of cute post-its. I purchase bright colors, shapes, I bought some hot pink heart post its and left them atop my desk. Next day=gone. I searched every office thinking a co-worker borrowed the stickies to write something down quickly and accidentally walked off with them. No such luck. Hot pink, heart shaped post it's stick out like a sore thumb and they were no where to be found. Recently I had purchased multi-colored felt tip pens for color coding some stuff I am doing in chart auditing. It keeps me sane to color code. The very next day after purchase the pens were missing. Another occasion I purchased a Dunkin Donuts calender with coupons for free coffee and breakfast on each month. One day after displaying it was taken.

I do accounts at work so if my girls turn in money that happens to be over in change I place it in a bin. I've been collecting loose change for the past six years from the girls that have come and gone. If we are ever short I take the money from the bin to even out. Well...someone "borrowed" all of the silver coins out of my bin once. I ended up just depositing the left over pennies and I don't keep anything at my desk any more. I have heard other grunts from my co-workers but no one seems to be able to identify the thief. The speculation is: The Cleaning Crew. Every job I have ever held always seems to blame everything on The Cleaning Crew. So I usually laugh it off and try not to speculate. I have no evidence it's the Cleaning Crew.

Which brings me to this:

Tuesday night is shopping/din night with Bud. We leave work, run errands, do some light shopping, have din and then we just hang out and talk before she has to run to a class (Bud is in junior college). A week before Thanksgiving, while shopping, I came across a Chocolate Surprise Countdown Calender. It was pretty radical. At the beginning of December you begin to open a little card board window on the calender and a chocolate surprise awaits...thus, the countdown to Christmas. Upon first sight I knew that Bud needed this in her life. Right that second. So I purchased it for her and the following day we displayed it on her wall beside her computer at work. It was still shrink wrapped. Remember, this was about two Tuesdays before Thanksgiving so we had a little time before starting the countdown.

That evening, after displaying this Countdown Calender, Bud had to stay at work late. Leaving around 640-7 o'clock, she was the last person in our building. The cleaning folks were arriving as she was leaving. Following morning we arrive at work and what's missing???? THE COUNTDOWN CHOCOLATE SURPRISE CALENDER! [insert one thousand exclamation points here]

I will admit that I was pretty heated when I found out about this. The calender was still in it's package and it was on her desk. I am a huge rule follower and when someone else blatantly breaks rules I am just perplexed. I couldn't imagine being at my work and finding a Countdown Chocolate Surprise Calender sitting nicely on anothers desk, still wrapped up, and just deciding to myself that I will take this off their hands. Why not, right?

We told management but of course my phrase for their reaction is this: "Who gives a f*#k about an oxford comma?" [song from Vampire Weekend about people not really giving a f*#k].

This past Tuesday, while shopping, I had to run by shop that sells the Countdown Chocolate Surprise Calenders so I purchased another one for my Bud. It is 2nd December today so we bravely opened Day one and two, had the chocolate surprises, and displayed the calender in it's original spot.

Bud crafted this note to go along which I am not quite sure I agree with but, hey, enough is enough...


Pat Tillett December 3, 2010 at 11:49 PM  

I was going to say, it's the cleaning folks. I had a stero and about 100 CDs stolen from my office. About a month later I happened to be walking by one of the cleaning carts and saw the jewel case of one of my home make CD's. It had my handwritting on it!
They not only busted the guy for that but found tons of stuff in his trunk and at his house!

good job!

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