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Some new ATC's. I am going to pull a "Jim" and will not explain any personal meanings behind these. I will say that all photos used in this set were taken by me and I will explain where they were taken or a little background to them.

Last Kiss-TSwift
"Your name, forever the name on my lips"
A pond I hike near..wrote a letter about something that was bothering me and ripped it up. I wanted to try the whole "symbolic-gesture-of-letting-go" bit so I ripped the letter and put it in the pond. Majority of my excercise hikes I always pack my 35 mm so I took a shot of this and felt it fit with the song and the lyric.

"Something keeps me holding onto nothing"
Took this photo in a hallway of a hotel lobby. It had a creepy look/feel to it. I felt it fit the lyrics. I wrote the chorus of this song over and over on velum in pencil. I think stamped the desired lyric with photo distort ink. Burned edges and added tape because I felt the need.

"Please don't be in love with someone else"
I think this turned out to be my favorite. I was at a Jimmy Eat World show. Roaming around. Went up on balcony to take a shot of the crowd. It was humid in the venue so my 35mm lens was fogged. I took the shot and someone near me put their arm up right in my view as I snapped. Not only was the picture fogged but I had an arm in the shot. Of course, shooting old skool 35 it's hard to know if your shot came out. Upon developing I saw this and I still kind of liked it. It had an eerie feeling to it and I always save my duds.
"Enchanted" is stamped on to another picture of a zoomed in chandelier and with photo pen I wrote on the girls wrist the lyric. Behind the photo I used black and white paper with a million daisy's on them. Kind of like the flowers you use to make a wish on. I felt this fit with the song.

Back to December-TSwift
"You gave me roses and I left them there to die"
This photo was taken years ago from an abandoned cemetary I visited. I wrote the lyrics on lined paper, crumpled it, as if it were thrown away and pasted it onto another photo of some roses I zoomed in on. All edges are frayed and inked (thanks to my Phin for tutorial ♥)


BeckEye December 29, 2010 at 1:54 PM  

Nice pics! I'm not sure I'm down with so much T-Swift, but whatevs. :)

phinner December 29, 2010 at 11:50 PM  

geez! has TS been tiptoeing around in my heart & brain???

I always love your cards, and its up to you whether or not you tell us the deep dark secrets that motivate such art. (just remember that we will harass you until you tell...just kidding!)

I should do some atcs... : .) aiw??? heh!

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