Made to Order..

This is borderline a coffee rant and a doctor rant. For those who are not aware, I work in accounts/medical coding & billing at a medical office. I love coffee. I love coffee when I come in early morning. I also love half & half in my coffee...and splenda... Apparently everyone else in my office, also, has fallen in love with MY half & half and splenda. I purchase a carton of creamer and I use it once and it's gone. Within days. Gone are the days of just writing your name on the cap to insure safety!

For this reason, I stopped making/drinking coffee at the office. I usually stop on the way at my 711 (oh, thank heaven) and/or McD's-who, in my opinion has the best coffee, ever. Even better than Dunkin and yes, I know, America runs on Dunkin but given the choice, I would run on McD's.

I digress.

This morning I stop at Mcd's for my coffee and go to pick up my tickets from the day prior at each office. Along the way a GI Doctor, who only works at my office once a week, stops me and asks if I made coffee yet? Odd on many levels...

Number one/a: I am carrying in my hand a LARGE Mcd's coffee, therefore, why would I make coffee when I already purchased one?
Number two/b: It was posed in a way that would make you believe that I often make coffee ["have you made any coffee yet?"] I don't make coffee. Perhaps six months ago but not now, not ever.
Number three/c: I see this guy once a week. I barely know him. I didn't even know he drank coffee.

Here's the thing folks. If you wanted coffee just ask me to make some. I like to just get to the point. No foolishness.

So I just reply to GI and say: "Nope, I purchased my own coffee". He gives a snarky laugh and moves on. I continue with my duties and go to my desk. A co-worker comes to me about ten minutes later and asks if I can go make coffee. This co-worker is not a coffee drinker and is not familiar with the brewing properties of coffee. I ask her why.

She explains that GI went into the back and was complaining that no one had made coffee and this is..."Bull shit". Another regular doc also went back to join him in his rant. She tells me they both stood there staring at old coffee from the day before, holding empty cups and the regular Doc explained that he didn't know why someone couldn't make him some fresh coffee and the coffee sitting in the pot was old and that he should put a sign on it reading: Caution.

So here is my co-worker pleading with me to go make coffee for these gents who obviously have time to walk 500 yards to the break area, stand and stare with empty mugs, discuss the bull-shitery of peons not making some fresh coffee and construct a sign of caution for old coffee.

In all of this time and energy didn't one of them stop and think they they could perhaps, dump out the old coffee and quick scoop some new stuff in and brew some new??

I told my co-worker that after I was finished doing a few things I would go back and relieve all tensions of the docs and brew some fresh coffee but after she walked away I remained in my seat on principle. I refuse. The entire situation was just plain redick.

I was hoping they learned their lesson but alas, I heard later that someone [nicer] than I went back and brewed their coffee. They also probably mixed the cream and sugar for them and then spoon fed it to the docs as well. sweet.


phinner November 17, 2010 at 10:38 AM  

I am glad you DID NOT make coffee. And I hope you DO NOT make it in the future, unless you want some of course.

p.s. making coffee has nothing to do with nice and visa versa.

I love you!!! :.)

Penny November 18, 2010 at 9:40 AM  

Yo Phin, I know!! What a jerk he was!

Pat Tillett November 19, 2010 at 3:08 AM  

I hope you NEVER make it again. Seriously, who in the hell do some people think they are?

Georgina Dollface November 19, 2010 at 11:59 AM  

Oh that is sooo RANT worthy. Unbelievable! Good for you for standing your ground. I despise passive aggressive commands from people. If you want something, just say it. Don't waste my time with the headfkry. - G

The Bumbles November 19, 2010 at 12:38 PM  


I don't drink coffee and therefore I don't make coffee. So that solves a lot of similar problems.

Our office got one of those Kuerigs a few years ago and all of the coffee wars have ended. Everyone has to make their own because it only brews a cup at a time.

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