I'm Pretty Excited!!

Friday 19, November 2010

Wanna know why??

Number one/a: I woke up and after my hour of getting ready for work I must say I look pretty stinking cute today. My hair is just right. I am perfectly matched in my outfit and I just feel good about myself today.

Number two/b: I purchased my Harry Potter tickets for the 10:50 showing three nights ago. I will be attending with Hubs and an old friend I have not seen in awhile. She introduced me to Harry and once upon a time we got matching tattoos to show our love/loyalty of the Lightening Bolt! Pretty nostalgic that I will be viewing the final film (part one) with her!

Number three/c: It seems like everyday another crisis arises...That involves chunks of money. Leaking shower to under the house, flat tires (times three), new brakes, a whole set of tires for a giant SUV, leaking ceiling, who knows what else will come up. It's one thing after another. Here's the thing: I can still smile about it. Welcome to my life! It's kind of hectic but things just happen at times. Best to just roll with the punches and be grateful for that chunk of time at the end of each day where I get to curl up in my heated blankie with my best cats at my side and read a book! Moments such as these make the hectics worth while.

Number four/d: Thanksgiving this year I may actually enjoy. Usually I dread the running around and exhaustion of Thanksgiving and Xmas. This year we are making our own food....not going anywhere. I would be happy with just some pasta and garlic bread instead of turkey but we are going to attempt our own feast. Simple. Relaxing. No drama. I am in love with this.

Number five/e: I have finished a good bit of my Christmas shopping. I did the bulk of it online but have gone out to stores twice now and my "to-be-wrapped" pile is stacking up! I find that I enjoy the season more if I have less stress and obligation.

Number six/f: I am pretty excited to get started on my ornaments for this year. I have all of the supplies ready to go. I have had no time this week to start them but this weekend is open. I have not done anything artsy in about a month! No crafting, no scrapping, no painting..NOTHING. I am excited to just create.

Number seven/g: I am halfway finished with book 71 for the year! [still waiting on my new Stephen King book to arrive.....] but I am confident I can hit my 75 mark for this year!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


The Bumbles November 19, 2010 at 12:22 PM  

You've got it all goin' on - and under control. No wonder you are so happy and excited :0) Enjoy the movie and your creative weekend.

Pat Tillett November 19, 2010 at 3:39 PM  

Wow! You do have a lot to be excited about. getting off to a good start with shopping is great. I must get started...today!

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