Hard Work Pays Off!

Since 2005 I started creating a home made ornament for Christmas each year. These ornaments are mailed out with Christmas cards and given to VIP's. I started the annual project for fun in 2005 and 2006 and then people started to ask about them. By October I would calls inquiring what the ornament would be this year...and most people seemed genuinely excited to receive them. I know I would. I love hand made items and I love Christmas ornaments so to combine these two things = Golden.

Since most seem to enjoy the ornaments I continue to make them each year. I need to create 5o of these ornaments to properly cover all bases. It's like a little sweat shop in my home office!

By this time I am usually finished with the project so they are ready for posting after Thanksgiving. This year I didn't have an idea for the ornament until last week!! Yes, I have been procrastinating. I had an idea stowed away for an easy but cute ornament. As the years have gone on and the list has narrowed I can manage with a total of 40 made. I got straight to work this weekend and I photographed my progress to share:

Firstly: I had to cut out arrow shapes from mini Popsicle sticks using a craft knife. There are many things wrong with this statement.
Number one/a: Craft knives never work properly for me.

Number two/b: Popsicle sticks are very difficult to cut.

Number three/c: I can not be trusted with sharp objects because I am SUPER clumsy

Number four/d: I snapped about four razors in the process of making 40 mini signs. I was starting to think I should wear protective head gear.

Moving right along...curse you mini arrows....A pox on your house!

Finished painted product. Equally as annoying = Writing NORTH POLE in cute font on forty different mini arrows.

Painted sticks.

Marry these two and you get a sign post. Also glued a mini jingle bell for added cuteness.

Add some faux snow and a ribbon and COMPLETE!

Tag them with my sig/date and here is the lot! Ready for posting!

Tomorrow I will post up pictures of my ornaments from 2005 until now!


Pat Tillett November 22, 2010 at 10:24 AM  

You are a lady of many talents! These are very cute...

Bridget November 22, 2010 at 6:46 PM  

Penny, those are fantastic! I've been doing that the last couple of years for our nieces and nephews and they seem to love them. This year I'm going to knit little mittens and put their first initials on them.

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