2010 Gone With The Wind...

Closing in on my 67th book of the year. I don't like to be intimidated by the classics but staring at a 1,038 paged book taking place during the Civil War made me slightly anxious. I was more worried that I would have a hard time being interested and I hate when I feel as if I have to "plow" through a book. Plowing through a book that has 1,038 pages would really end my year in a bad way. I really wanted to read 75 books this year and this one could end me. I purchased Gone with the Wind in the beginning of 2010 with hopes of reading it but the time had to be just right. I was feeling that the time was now...so I picked it up..

I am pleased to announce that I am currently on page 805 and I love everything about this novel. Of course, I have seen the film several times throughout my life but the book is amazing tenfold.

In the film, I always viewed Scarlett as hateful, concieted and just awful. While reading you get more insight into her mind and as of page 805 I must say she is my total hero right now. She didn't care what anyone thought and her strength and drive started a revolution. Complete bad-assery.
I will be sad to see this big book end but am also excited to end my year with a few of these:

New Stephen King

Four novellas in one book and the reviews and descriptions sound so good I am very excited to dive in. I believe I devoured King's last collection, Just Before Sunset. It seems hit or miss with King and I. Hoping this one is a hit!

Also want to read this:

Johnny Cash = Total Rock Star

Has anyone read Scarlett? I have heard mixed reviews? Is this a good book to kick off 2011?


phinner November 9, 2010 at 10:51 AM  

I'm rooting for you! that's a lot of books! I was telling the bff (who's also a big reader) about your original 100 book goal and being the analytical one she said "that would be about 1 book every 3.5 days, WOW!" I'm impressed at the 67, Grrl!!!

I read Gone with the Wind many many many years ago, I think as a school assignment. And on one hand, I agree with you about Scarlett being ahead of her time and very brave and bold, but I found her to be completely manipulative too! At the time, I got bored with the really loooooooonnnnngggg character descriptions, but I have to say, I can still picture the characters in my head, even now. I never saw the movie.

happy Tuesday, yay for red cups and coffee!!! : .)

The Bumbles November 9, 2010 at 1:09 PM  

I heard Scarlett was atrocious! So if you are greatly attached to her after completing GWTW you might want to give some time between reading Scarlett and having someone else take her over. I'm so glad you are enjoying GWTW - I gave it to my sis-in-law last year for X-Mas since it was on her list and she just hasn't been able to stay connected with it. Which is a bummer because I loved it. Haven't read it in over 20 years but I was amazed at all the bonus stuff that the movie had to leave out.

Pat Tillett November 16, 2010 at 2:16 PM  

I haven't read GWTW in many years. It's a great book to lose yourself in. You've set quite a goal for yourself...that's a lot of books!

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