"This Photograph is Proof"

It's been awhile huh? It's been sort of crazy in Penny Lane as of late. The short of it: Travel, weddings, out of town friends, a new NEEDY cardiologist, a moving friend and a leak in my master loo.

With the new Russian Cardiologist-who has been dubbed, affectionately, "My Man", on account of him following me about and always calling odd meetings to discuss his insane amounts of work that he gives me and issues he is having. He is very high matenience. Usually on my breaks I would write a quick blog to post but I have had no breaks lately!

On the up and up here are few pictures of some things I have been working on and some randoms that are too good to not post. Basically, my life in pictures :)

This is an ATC I did for a friend who recently attended Lilith Fair. She left with a deep respect and admiration for an artist called Butterfly who has a song called Another White Dash. While having a listen I was inspired to create this for her.

My very close friend Russ will be moving to Florida this Friday. I have talked about this move before here. It will be the first time since primary school that we have not lived near each other. On Saturday we had our last "Saturday" together. We did some food shopping, went to lunch and watched a movie. Just hung out. Did I mention Russ and I are rather boring people?
Last week I had my ipod on shuffle and I was driving into work and the song "Our Last Night" by Better Than Ezra came on and the lyrics really made sense then. It fit perfectly. It depicts two old friends who are leaving each other for the first time. Talks about childhood together and how leaving would be hard. A line from the song is: "I was waiting as you drove away the sunlight was falling..You were writing backwards
on a dusty windowpane". I made this ATC to depict that by using a clear paint mixed with a not fully mixed silver and my fingertip to draw the heart. I presented this to Russ along with a mixed cd of some of our fav. songs growing up as a parting gift. The only good thing about this move: He will be living approximately half hour from Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida....which means my little dream of visiting HP at Christmas is looking more and more realistic every day.

My co-worker had a birthday and instead of running to a shop to contemplate what the hell to purchase her as a gift for 45 minutes I just made her a little cake.

I found this on my desk yesterday. Made from random scraps about the office. I really don't know what it is but it was weird and sort of funny so I had to post it.

Lastly, there are approximately 25 more days until I get to see this handsome man. Jim will be playing the day after my *cough, cough* 30th birthday. I have a little VIP action going on which is super duper exciting AND three days after this show the new Jimmy Eat World album Invented will be released! Yikes to 30 and Yay to Jim!

*title taken from TBS song.


The Bumbles September 1, 2010 at 1:10 PM  

Holy shit Penny! Someone made you a paperclip voodoo doll!!!

Don't worry about turning 30. I hit the big 4-0 in 2 weeks and a day!

Georgina Dollface September 2, 2010 at 10:24 AM  

I love the ATC's, especially the one you did for your friend. **sniff** It's hard when a longtime buddy moves away, isn't it? As for the little paper clip figurine, that is just way too cute (but I did think for a minute, "What if that is some co-worker's makeshift voodoo doll?") Yikes! - G

Pat Tillett September 15, 2010 at 12:59 PM  

You are certainly a talented lady!
I've been looking around, but I still have no idea what an ATC is?
help me...

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