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I attended [ANOTHER] Bridal Shower this weekend. The bride to be was an hour and fifteen minutes late to the party stretching all festivities to about five and a half hours!! Longest shower of my life. I got to sit next to the only child that was attending. People, seriously....Don't bring your childrens to a shower. Any shower. I thought everyone knew this was just bad form but it seems that everything I attend lately there's always one that didn't get the memo.

The theme of the shower was Baseball. The invites were printed on a baseball ticket. All of the hostess girls wore a baseball shirt and they served baseball related foods: hot soft pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts..etc. It was actually pretty radical. Only bummer-great weather this weekend in Merry-land and they held it inside! Which was stuffy and hot because it was one of those awkward days were it's not hot enough for AC and not cold enough for heat so it's just stuffy.

I was asked to provide a cake so I created this guy:

I still have two weddings (both out of state), a christening (0ut of state) and three shows (one out of state) in the month of September and October. Busy times. Who ever heard of relaxing on your birthday!!??
Didn't get a chance to work on my Circle Journal this weekend. I did, however, get around to reading the Fall Preview guide of Entertainment Weekly and realized that it's a big season for new tunes coming! Here are a few artists I am really looking forward to checking out!

Jimmy Eat World-Invented-Released 28 September

Brandon Flowers-Flaminto-Released 14 September

Weezer-Hurley-Released 14 September

Darius Rucker-Charleston, SC 1966-Released 12 October

Speak Now-Taylor Swift-Released 26 November

My Chemical Romance-Title TBA-Released November 2010
(Image Not Available)
Anything upcoming you are looking forward to??


Pat Tillett September 14, 2010 at 3:18 PM  

Just out of curiosity, was the shower "co-ed?"
That is the trend around where I live, it hasn't always been that way.

Over five hours? I don't think I could have lasted that long. However, the food sounds pretty good!

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