Seven Uses For a Penny

Found this on front page of Comcast this morning while logging in.
I know what you're thinking, and No, not this Penny:

This one:

1. Curtain Straightener
Make an opening in the bottom hem, slide in a penny or two, and sew the hem back up to keep curtains hanging level and stick-straight.

2. Tread Checker
Insert a penny into a groove of a tire with Lincoln’s head pointing into the tire. If the groove covers part of his head, you’re safe to drive; if the head is in full view, it’s time for new wheels. (The distance between the rim of a penny and Lincoln’s head is 1/16 of an inch?the minimum suggested tread depth.)

3. Table Anchor
If you dine out and the table is unsteady, put a coin under the leg to restore balance.

4. Game Token
Misplaced the thimble? No problem. Sub in a cent.
5. Reader Tip: Makeshift ScrewdriverUse a penny to screw open a toy’s battery pack.

6. Reader Tip: Icebreaker

Hand out pennies at your next gathering and ask each guest to share a story that happened during the year his or her penny was minted. If the coin predates a friend, let the person improvise.

7. Reader Tip: Birdbath Cleaner

To ward off algae, toss in a few pre-1982 coins; the high copper content retards growth.

"I've Got A Bad Feeling About This..."

Getting kind of nervous about my looming VIP date at Virgin Mobile Fest. I have not heard specific details as of yet. I like to be planned and organized and have a dress rehearsal for everything in my this makes me anxious.

That Taking Back Sunday song keeps playing in my head over and over: "I've gotta bad feeling about this...I've gotta bad feeling about this.."

I had a very eventful weekend. I had a jam session at noon hour with my Bud. It's been awhile since I have played guitar with her so it was fun to just hang out and play.

I went to cinema to see The Town, which I have been looking forward to for awhile. After I specifically set aside several hours to completing a ton of craft/music projects I keep putting off.

-I made a three disc compilation of 90's alternative music for a co-worker, complete with decorated playlist.

-I put together some crafts for my lovely Rabbit. I also made a really radical compilation called "Happy Songs for Crappy Days" ♥
I also created an ATC for him that fits his blog theme and happens to be a song by my favorite band.

-I used my Cricut and cut a little "friend" for my pal Phin Phin. I also made her a compilation called: "Radicalness + Jack White"

-I worked on my Alice in Wonderland Circle Journal. I am 75% finished with the Mad Hatter page. Sneak Peek:

I returned to work to find this,
Early birthday gift number one:

Early birthday gift number two:

*thanks My New Cardio Man....

Fall Love, Love, Love List..

It's been dull around Penny Lane as of late so I figured I would spread some positivity and list some of the things I love, love, love! Don't forget to share what you currently Love, Love, Love in the comments section!
Things I Love, Love, Love
1. My new wild card catridge for my Cricut machine. I purchased this and the possibilities are endless!

2. Goes hand and hand with number one: making card after card after card!

3. Vincent Chase/Entourage

4. New solo Brandon Flowers tunes

. Coming home to this little guy waiting for me and getting tons of love and kisses from him. Awww...he misses his momma :)

6. The fact that I only have two weeks until I get to see Jim / Jimmy Eat World! woohoo!

7. A Clockwork Orange. (novel)

Past, Present and Future...

I attended [ANOTHER] Bridal Shower this weekend. The bride to be was an hour and fifteen minutes late to the party stretching all festivities to about five and a half hours!! Longest shower of my life. I got to sit next to the only child that was attending. People, seriously....Don't bring your childrens to a shower. Any shower. I thought everyone knew this was just bad form but it seems that everything I attend lately there's always one that didn't get the memo.

The theme of the shower was Baseball. The invites were printed on a baseball ticket. All of the hostess girls wore a baseball shirt and they served baseball related foods: hot soft pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts..etc. It was actually pretty radical. Only bummer-great weather this weekend in Merry-land and they held it inside! Which was stuffy and hot because it was one of those awkward days were it's not hot enough for AC and not cold enough for heat so it's just stuffy.

I was asked to provide a cake so I created this guy:

I still have two weddings (both out of state), a christening (0ut of state) and three shows (one out of state) in the month of September and October. Busy times. Who ever heard of relaxing on your birthday!!??
Didn't get a chance to work on my Circle Journal this weekend. I did, however, get around to reading the Fall Preview guide of Entertainment Weekly and realized that it's a big season for new tunes coming! Here are a few artists I am really looking forward to checking out!

Jimmy Eat World-Invented-Released 28 September

Brandon Flowers-Flaminto-Released 14 September

Weezer-Hurley-Released 14 September

Darius Rucker-Charleston, SC 1966-Released 12 October

Speak Now-Taylor Swift-Released 26 November

My Chemical Romance-Title TBA-Released November 2010
(Image Not Available)
Anything upcoming you are looking forward to??

Sneak Peek...

Finally, finally, finally started work on my Alice in Wonderland Theme Circle Journal trade with Phin Phin

Rules are:
-Create 8X8 themed pages based on a selected character.
-No rules per for all
-Create two (one for yourself and one for other journaler to keep)
-At the end of our pages, mail said pages to other for book binding.
I have completed one and 3/4 pages. Here are some sneak peeks :)
Alice-with layover page featuring a keyhold that she is looking through and a key to "open" this page.

Red Queen Page-I have a few more bits to add and it will be complete but I am in need of a craft shop visit. From this peek you can see playing cards have been utilized, as well as homemade paper roses that have been half painted and maybe dripping a little :)

Today is the last day of the long weekend :( I really only accomplished three things on this weekend: Scrapping, attemtping to mend my leaking loo (FAILED) and getting caught up on Entourage. After the last few crazy weekends this was most welcomed! Hope everyones weekends are lovely!

"This Photograph is Proof"

It's been awhile huh? It's been sort of crazy in Penny Lane as of late. The short of it: Travel, weddings, out of town friends, a new NEEDY cardiologist, a moving friend and a leak in my master loo.

With the new Russian Cardiologist-who has been dubbed, affectionately, "My Man", on account of him following me about and always calling odd meetings to discuss his insane amounts of work that he gives me and issues he is having. He is very high matenience. Usually on my breaks I would write a quick blog to post but I have had no breaks lately!

On the up and up here are few pictures of some things I have been working on and some randoms that are too good to not post. Basically, my life in pictures :)

This is an ATC I did for a friend who recently attended Lilith Fair. She left with a deep respect and admiration for an artist called Butterfly who has a song called Another White Dash. While having a listen I was inspired to create this for her.

My very close friend Russ will be moving to Florida this Friday. I have talked about this move before here. It will be the first time since primary school that we have not lived near each other. On Saturday we had our last "Saturday" together. We did some food shopping, went to lunch and watched a movie. Just hung out. Did I mention Russ and I are rather boring people?
Last week I had my ipod on shuffle and I was driving into work and the song "Our Last Night" by Better Than Ezra came on and the lyrics really made sense then. It fit perfectly. It depicts two old friends who are leaving each other for the first time. Talks about childhood together and how leaving would be hard. A line from the song is: "I was waiting as you drove away the sunlight was falling..You were writing backwards
on a dusty windowpane". I made this ATC to depict that by using a clear paint mixed with a not fully mixed silver and my fingertip to draw the heart. I presented this to Russ along with a mixed cd of some of our fav. songs growing up as a parting gift. The only good thing about this move: He will be living approximately half hour from Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida....which means my little dream of visiting HP at Christmas is looking more and more realistic every day.

My co-worker had a birthday and instead of running to a shop to contemplate what the hell to purchase her as a gift for 45 minutes I just made her a little cake.

I found this on my desk yesterday. Made from random scraps about the office. I really don't know what it is but it was weird and sort of funny so I had to post it.

Lastly, there are approximately 25 more days until I get to see this handsome man. Jim will be playing the day after my *cough, cough* 30th birthday. I have a little VIP action going on which is super duper exciting AND three days after this show the new Jimmy Eat World album Invented will be released! Yikes to 30 and Yay to Jim!

*title taken from TBS song.

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