A Visual Tour Through My Weekend!

I had an ART filled weekend with a side of shopping! Here's a little visual tour!

I sarted off with the Art Exhibition episode of Top Gear, where my darling James created this amazing sculpture out of parts of a car. Of course, I can't find a picture of it AND Richard ended up destroying it after all of James hard work. Typical.

After that I indulged in some Toy Stories episdoes-Plasticine and Lego House. Always good for a second time around.

(heart drawn by penny ♥)

After this I did a little shopping. I was on the hunt for a slip on pair of shoes on the cheap. Something for work. I found these..(which I am currently wearing today)

In the children section (It pays to be hobbit sized) I found these cuties.

Plus this all gets better because P@yLess had a Bogo so I got both for $17.00

Next, I purchased some goodies for a care package! My lovely in Derbyshire! I got her some really cute items! I had to throw in some U.S. of A socks because what lovely girl from the United Kingdom wouldn't want to own their very own pair of socks that say: USA???
I also send her lots of Big Red gum as she LOVES it and it is not available for purchase in her hometown. I keep her stocked in this gum snack.

I included an ATC, that I created, of her fav. Fall Out Boy song to go along with her package. Sugar We're Going Down.

I am hoping she will come visit this year. I have not seen her in three years and last time she came around we had a blast.

After shopping I checked the post and what do you know?? New shirt! (currently wearing this as well)

Also recieved a James May sticker with my favourite catch phrase!

After my shopping and recieved goodies I went to work on finishing my [NOW] solo project: The Quote Journal.
Theme: My Favourite Quotes of All Time (I used an Alice theme because she's my fav)

Theme: Love Quotes. Paper was brushed with tea and edges burned and crumpled for texture.

Then I set to work on repainting some canvas for my master bedroom. I love Black and White...anything! Clothes, shoes, bags, painting, photos...I am a black and white girl. Most of my clothes are black and white combos. Both loo's are done in Black and White with b&w photography included. This will explain these:

Lastly, I had a cake order for a friend. He loves/plays Hockey so his girlfriend asked me to do a hockey man in his colours and include his number! She picks it up today for him. I hope he loves it!


phinner August 9, 2010 at 12:40 PM  

James May is so cute for an "old guy!"

I LOVE the hockey guy cakeeeee!!! Gimme Sidney!!! LOL!!!

V. cool layouts! I was gonna start AIW pgs, but time ran away!!! I did paint chairs tho'!

Lucky Ducky friend!!! Awesome stash Pens!

Happy Monday! : .)

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