Love and Cat Nip..

I have a thought provoking question and a funny story today.

Firstly, I was reading an article that was published the Daily Telegraph written by James May. He mentioned his furry love: Fusker. James claims that he doesn't think Fusker loves him or that cats love their here:

"Before anyone writes in with some cod psychology and any nonsense about me projecting on to a dumb animal, I am well aware that Fusker does not love me. He loves cat food.

The flow of adoration runs in one direction; I spend hours talking to him, even though the only word he might possibly understand is "Fusker", and in return not one sound of any consequence has ever emanated from his witless furry face. He has never passed me a spanner or written any of this column, except for a bit that went fasdfij ffeug djdvbv9821. "

I had a laugh but then I started thinking more about it later when I arrived at my friends home to feed his cats. I'm house sitting for the past two weeks and he has two boys: Chuckie and Shadow. They seem terribly lonely and I feel so horrible leaving them after I scoop and feed them. My hubby, when he is off and I go off to work, states that when I leave in the morning my Anthony will go to the door and look up at the door knob and cry for about half hour.

I know a few of you who read my blog have furry companions. Do you think our animals love us? Do they have the capability to miss us? I certainly love my boys to bits AND I miss them when I am away. Any thoughts?

As for the funny bit of this blog entry:

My younger cat Anthony has worked out the time that I usually arrive home from work. Hubs reports that everyday around the same time Anthony will stop what he is doing, go into the bay window and await my arrival. After I pull in the drive he jumps down and promptly waits at the door for me to enter. I am to give him three smooches and rub his tum and then he follows me around for awhile begging for a pet. I am accustomed to this greeting from Anthony.

Yesterday Husband was out and when I arrived home I noticed Anthony was not in his place in the bay window. I opened the door and he wasn't waiting for me. I did notice that he had gotten into his toy bin and pulled out about fifteen different toys and they were randomly placed all over the floor and littered down the hall. A few items in the family room were knocked over, the coat closet was open with two different shoes pulled out into the hall. Further down the hall my linen closet was also opened.

I went to investigate further and found at the entrance of my bedroom a "Christmas Man". I purchased this Christmas Man while out and about last Christmas season. He is a little stuffed man with a red and green outfit on and located on his tummy there is a pouch where you can insert little questionably looking sacks of cat nip (that are included in packaging). I usually hide this toy from the boys because they tend to go nuts on the cat nip.

Apparently Anthony had found said Christmas Man got a little crazy, made some bad decisions, ripped the toy bin apart and decided to run about and open all of the closets in the house in a drugged up frenzy.

I found him pretty much passed out on my side of the bed. When I turned on the light he simply lifted his head, gave his little half meow half purr and put his head back down as if saying: "I'm spent".


Pat Tillett August 13, 2010 at 11:26 AM  

I'm not sure if a cat can "love" anything. But I know for certain they grow fond of and attach to certain people. Whenever I hear a person say anything negative about cats, or that they don't "like" them. I immediately think that person has control issues. Those people tend to gravitate towards dogs. Who in many cases, don't know any better.

The story was cute! Cat nip leads to harder drugs...

Georgina Dollface August 13, 2010 at 1:28 PM  

I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that my cat probably doesn't love me as much as she loves Funny Man. He is usually the one who feeds her twice a day (He's up first and home first.) If he is out, she can sense him coming home and sits by the door about 5 minutes before he arrives. It is impossible for her to hear his car coming into the garage (we're in a highrise. She knows he's coming home even when he returns randomly, so it's not like she has a memorized schedule either. She has some sort of psychic connection to him, I'm sure. - G

The Bumbles August 16, 2010 at 1:25 PM  

Ah - the catnip coma. That stuff will mess you up, man. I enjoyed following the trail of Anthony's bender. The funny thing is I have come home to similar scenes - sans the catnip influence. Our kitties have always been cuckoo.

As for love - yes, I believe they have the capacity to have that strong emotional bond to humans - or to each other. I know that our little Lucy loved me. She followed me everywhere. She often chose snuggling to food. She was very expressive and got her points across even if we spoke different languages. And she certainly told me that she loved me - many times. That's what the bounding greetings, window watching, purrs, special meows, roly poly flops and sandpaper tongue kisses mean.

Tedy bear loves me too - he shows it by biting my toes though or giving me a head butt - boys are always like that aren't they? Expressing love with playful punches or hair tugs instead of proper hugs and smooches.

B August 17, 2010 at 1:43 PM  

I know Dougal loves me and misses me when I'm away. I was away for the past four days. T called me and said that Dougal was laying by the door and crying. When I arrived home last night, I kneeled down to greet Dougal. He jumped up, putting his front paws on my shoulders, licked my face and leaned in to me for several minutes. Then he ran off and returned with his favorite toy and dropped it in my lap. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

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