The Adventures of Captain Slow

I have a really hard time obeying speed traffic laws. I just always feel the need for speed. I guess this translates well into my "non-driving" life. I am always in a rush, always want to finish things quickly and efficiently. Naturally I am usually driving over the speed limit. I've had many citations since the age of 16 for this reason. It's sort of a running joke in my family.

You, bloggie buds, will be the first to know. I have changed. For the past month I have made it my personal goal to only drive the speed limit. At first this was difficult for, it's just right.
How and Why, you ask? Well, in the time period of one week I was pulled over twice.

Thankfully, I got a warning citation on both (which NEVER happens) so after the second time I decided I should quit while I'm ahead.

In my new found fun as a responsible driver I had an almost damaging experience yesterday. I was approximately 7 miles from my work. I was in the "slow" lane. A gentlemen in a giant SUV (I really loathe SUV's..of all sorts) proceeded to basically attempt to drive OVER top me. He was tail gating me like a professional. The passing lane was open. I was slightly irritated. When I reached my exit I merged and he did the same. He followed me into the carpark of my job. There is a long drive here that leads into an open area for parking. He was right on my ass so I accelerated a 35 mph. Apparently I was ruining this guys life.

Now, I have to digress: I am not an angry person. I may be bitter at times but not angry. I do not shout at people and would never resort to violence or even think of resorting to violence. This silver SUV man angered me so much that I wanted to give him the finger! I am not that kind of girl but yesterday morning I just felt the irresistible urge to tell him to Eff off and then slam on my breaks, exit my car and proceed to kick his tire in protest. Jerk.

Well just as I was about to lift my finger of fury at this man I decided not. I pulled into my spot and decided coffee was a better decision here. Perhaps I was at fault here. I am now dubbed Captain Slow, it is irritating to be stuck behind someone slow...

I exit my car and start to walk into my building. I see the silver, SUV man park and I see him exit his vehicle. He comes into focus. He is a very high top executive for the new company that just bought my company out!! Sweet Pete I am glad I kept my cool. Probably not a good idea to give an executive of your company the finger.

So again, I say: Quit while you're ahead PennyLane...quit while you're ahead.

ps. apologies in advance if anyone is ever caught behind me driving. I am now the picture of good traffic regulations.


Georgina Dollface August 11, 2010 at 10:45 AM  

You just never know who you are flipping off. Someone once did that to my Dad and, um, yeah, he didn't last very long with the company after that. On the other hand, my Dad offered a sales job to a gas jockey who would always give him exceptional service. The guy went on to be one of the highest grossing salespeople on the team. - G

phinner August 11, 2010 at 11:00 AM  

zOOm zOOm, Pens! ; .P

but I hear ya! I often feel the need for speed too, but I personally hate paying the city for speeding tickets, so I practice driving right over the speed limit : .)

maybe you and I both should find us a dragstrip, LOL!!!

Pat Tillett August 11, 2010 at 12:50 PM  

don't you just hate those bastards that get their power from a big vehicle. What an ass he was!

Good thing you didn't flip him off! great story!

B August 11, 2010 at 3:53 PM  

1) I hate SUVs too.

2) I also drive the speed limit.

3) People should not drive like a-holes near their place of employment or their home. You were worried about the impression you might have given him... but he should worry about the aggressive behavoir he exhibited tail gaiting you the way he did. Uncalled for.

The Bumbles August 16, 2010 at 1:11 PM  

I just really enjoyed the expression Sweet Pete ;0)

I am a speedster. But I only hate on slow pokes who ride in the fast lane. I swear like a sailor and use my horn to those who are just being clueless but you can't really get annoyed with people driving the limit. Just the old fogies doing 20 in a 45 zone.

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