Updates and Explanations..

My blog has really been lacking as of late. I find that if I can't do everything I need/want to do on the internet on my breaks at work then I just never get around to it. I am in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. When I get home and on the weekends I honestly don't even venture near my computer unless it's to sync my ipod.

I am sad to say that I have no good news to announce. I applied, tested and interviewed twice for a job in the school system near my home. This is my second attempt at employment in this establishment. This is also the second time I have taken a full day off of work, stressed out, practice interviewed, had an OCD breakdown, only to find that someone transferred into the job so I was passed over. I had the highest testing score, out of 25 (including the transfer), I had a great interview score (they score everything) AND I know the freakin' head master. (sorry, I've been playing Lego Harry Potter a lot). Government. It all adds up to just getting in and then you're golden. I'm not giving up. I'll keep trying but I will say this. I was BUMMED. Everything just seemed so right about this job. Everything just worked out beautifully. I had been having some very stressful days at work and I had one foot, one leg and half of my torso out the door already so to hear a denial was like a train wreck.

I need a serious attitude adjustment. I need to deal until I can move on.

On the bright side of things I have found Audiobooks. I am not sure what I think of them. I do, however, love the idea of listening to one book while reading another. I've rented a few heavy hitter books that I have tried to read but grew bored, yet still wanted to go back to them.

I also find that an audiobook makes the days at work fly by. It also motivates me to want to go to work because I only listen to them there.

Other than that things are just "going". I hope everyone in bloggy land is on the up and up :)


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