Toy Stories and Choir Rehearsal...

Looking for something to watch over the summer? I don't watch a lot of television. I mostly Dvr stuff and watch later or early morning when I can't sleep but the programs I do watch are all on summer hiatus. Wanted to share some great televison finds!
Everyone knows, (or should know) that I love me some BBC America.

The other night, while watching Top Gear I saw an advert for a show with James May (who is a co-host of Top Gear). It's called Toy Stories. I quickly set my DVR and watched the first episode last week. It's pretty radical. Firstly, James May-for those who do not know this man- is so freaking smart and I think he could build anything he wanted from scratch. Modern day McGuyver, that one. Basically, this show follows him focusing on a specific toy and creating and completing a challange with that toy. The first episode was about Scalextric cars. Here's a bit from the episode guide: "James builds the biggest Scalextric track in the world, nearly three miles long, on the site of Britain's oldest grand prix track at Brooklands in Surrey. The track will have to go through people's gardens, over ponds and rivers and even negotiate a business park. Who will win the race of the century, the plucky locals or the team of Scalextric experts?"

Last week I watched him create a garden made entirely out of Plasticine and then enter it at the Chelsea Flower Show. It was crazy.

Another great show on BBC is called The Choir. It follows this really, cute-as-a-button choir master-Gareth Malone as he tries to whip a secondary school into shape for the choir olympics in China! Limited time and no training and bad attitudes make for great stuff. Did I mention Gareth is seriously cute-as-a-bunny-rabbit?? ( I think it's the glasses. Boys with glasses are more darling than boys without) Okay, enough about Gareth..if you like Glee, you will probably love The Choir. So check it out!

Anyone else have any new finds??


phinner July 16, 2010 at 10:55 AM  

how ironic...someone at work was talking about this track yesterday!!! LOL!

annnndd Donny Osmond (my first crush!), Brandon Cruz (Courtship of Eddie's Father, but then the bad boy in Bad News Bears), Leif Garrett (eek, what happened to him?!), Johnny Depp during my college years (and even now), and last of all Brad Pitt! (of course, Zac Efron and his six pack are not hard to look at, but he could be my son...yikes!!!) I have no scrapbooks...sigh, wish I did!

happy friday, Pens!

Burkey July 19, 2010 at 9:46 AM  

I always meant to watch Toy Stories but never got round to it, then forgot about it. Now that you've reminded me, I'll definitely be checking it out! Sounds like something I'd love :)

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