Penny and Elijah Sittin' in a Tree...Wait a Minute..We Can't Reach the Branches...

My guest room closet houses all of my "stuff". You know, the crap you can't bring yourself to throw away from "back in the day". Yesterday I had to venture into the closet and find something and I came across a large blue binded book that had

written in black sharpie across the front. I giggled a bit because this was my scrap book from pre-teen years. I was mildly obsessed with Elijah Wood. I filled this scrap book with clippings, photos from everywhere I could get them, love letters and musings about Elijah. I even had an autograph I scored by writing to my pint sized love.

I retained this obsession throughout high school and college. I just knew that one day we would be married. Simply because, I am hobbit sized (five foot) and he only towers like 5'4 (bite sized snack), he wears the coolest black rimmed glasses (like me), listens to rad music, dresses in the coolest geek styled clothes and he smokes cool cigarettes. Made for each other.

Well, I didn't marry Elijah but I still think he's pretty rad. This got me thinking about all of those silly girl-ish crushes you have growing up. Anyone want to share? No worries, no judgement here..Come on...just tell me :) Or post it up on your blog but comment here so I know to check out your post.

Who were your celebrity childhood crushes??

Here are mine:

Firstly, do I really need to mention this man?? Yeah, no...So I will move on.

Remember, I am a child of the 80's so naturally my very first crush was on Donnie Wahlberg, of New Kids on the Block. I had his picture plastered on my bedroom walls. I even had the over sized button/pin of him that I would pin on my jean jacket. I would watch the NKOTB VHS tape of Hanging Tough show and there was this one part in particular that Donnie would pull a lucky girl from the audience and sing "Cover Girl" to her. Man, I was so jealous of that pip squeak that got to go up and be serenaded. *sigh*

Being a child of the 80's, of course I crushed on one of the Corey's. I watched Goonies A LOT and Mouth was my favorite.

High school was Elijah Wood and Ewan my high school year book, a few signatures from friends actually say: "Long live Ewan Mcgregor" or mention Elijah in some way :)

Remember: No judgement.
So go on, tell me yours *wink*


The Bumbles July 15, 2010 at 10:37 AM  

Haha - your post title cracked me up. I'm a bit older than you - so my crushes are different. I too tore out clippings and photos but instead of putting them in a notebook I taped them up on my bookshelf walls, my headboard, or bought posters and stuck them to my bedroom walls.

-Tom Cruise in Risky Business
-Rob Lowe in anything
-Simon LeBon from Duran Duran

I seriously anticipated becoming Mrs. Simon LeBon and my best friend was going to be Mrs. Nick Rhodes. Why she would choose him over John Taylor is beyond me - but whatever.

I still think Rob Lowe is hot.

And Tom is just a whack job these days, but he's a great actor - I don't find him all that hunky anymore - though he doesn't seem to have aged poorly.

My current crushes are Johnny Depp (duh - who doesn't), Kyle Chandler (the coach from the Friday Night Lights TV series - though I've had it bad for him since his Homefront days) and a different Wahlberg - I was always partial to Marky Mark. And as you know, I've got a thing for guys with Boston accents ;0)

Georgina Dollface July 15, 2010 at 1:18 PM  

Clive Owen
Anthony Bourdain
Robson Green
Clive Owen
Clive Owen
Javier Bardem - he just married Penelope Cruz :(
Gwen Steffani
Rob Lowe - back in the day when he was a regular in TeenBeat. Notsomuch these days
Danny Zuko from Grease
How long am I allowed to make this list? - G

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