How Did We Come To This?

Yesterdays post was about my excitement for New and Improved Wilton Courses. I mentioned that my favorite flower was a Calla Lily and Wilton has decided to incorporate a gumpaste Calla in their new Gumpaste course.

While we are on the subject, funny story that wouldn't quite fit in yesterday but deserves further mention:

I do not own a green thumb. Nor hand, nor arm...nothing. I can't grow anything. Since I purchased a home about four years ago I have tried to plant pretty flowers but they always end up never coming out or they do come out and die. Flowers and gardening are not for me.

So one day while shopping at Lowes I came across bulbs for Calla Lily's. They seemed easy enough to deal with. Right? Sure...I bought six of them. I went home and planted them-Three and three on either side of my walk way up to my porch. A year later know what happened??

They bloomed!!!!

I was SO excited!! Plus they were simply gorgeous. They are so clean and classy and just beautiful. I was very proud of myself. The first thing I ever managed to grow happened to be my favorite flower. Also my Ma informed me that the Lily's would return each year and didn't need to be replaced.

Well winter came, the plants died out and eventually a new spring began. My husband went out early spring to clean up the yard and flower beds. Weed and plant a few things. A few days after this I came home to find some new plants sitting on our porch, waiting to be planted. I questioned Hubs.

Hubs: "I bought them to put on both sides of the walkway to the porch".

Me: "Why? I have Calla Lily's planted there, they will come up every year"
Hubs: "Really? I didn't see them?"

Me: "Because they have not bloomed yet silly"

Hubs: "Well when I was weeding I noticed that we had potatoes growing in there so I pulled them out of the ground and threw them in the woods. Isn't that crazy? Potatoes! How did they get there?"

Me: "You idiot. Those are BULBS. Bulbs of Calla Lily's!!"

Oooops. Yes, so I no longer have Calla's in my front yard thanks to my Husband.
Good thing he teaches Maths :)


The Bumbles June 4, 2010 at 12:58 PM  

Hahahahahahaha!! I am just giggling away to myself over this. That is too funny. Oh wow. I just am totally sitting here crying of laughter :0)

I have no green thumbs either. I only plant things that will come back for that very reason. And then I let all the weeds grow because I'm always afraid I'll pull it up and someone will tell me I just yanked out those nice flowers I planted the year before. But even I know the difference between a bulb and a potato. Hahahahahaha :p

That said - I know nothing about math - so he's got me there.

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