Blue Bird Crafting-A MUST!

Last year I posted pictures of some hand made quilted bags that my Bestie's Ma made for me and a friend. She does such amazing work. I have the priveledge of owning two hand made bags (a spring bag and an all year bag) and a quilt that she made me as a wedding gift. To say I LOVE this woman's work is an understatement. I am so amazed each time I see a new creation from her. She is truly brilliant when it comes to quilting and I am very blessed to own some of her pieces and I must say I adore each of them. After four years of marriage I still use my Wedding quilt, every, single evening and I am currently rocking my all year bag :)

I am very excited to announce that after some planning and cohoots between my Bestie and her Ma she has opened her very own Etsy shop featuring some of her amazing work, at some pretty great prices :)

If you are a lover of handmades and/or bags please go check it out. You won't be sorry!
(click on sign to visit!)


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