Yay Friday!

Happy Friday! On the menu for the weekend:

Follow up appointment for Johnny Cat on Saturday early morning (Thank you Rusty for the assist), yard sales to hunt craft supplies, Amish market, visit from my parents and hopefully just some rest and relaxation.

Oh yeah, and quite possibly I will be suckered into making 25 Bridal Shower invitations for my in-laws...Pretty sure that's going to happen....but I guess I don't mind. It will be mindless activity.

Top 5 On Friday
Top 5 Theme Songs from either movies or tv
Are we talking instrumental? I guess so...

Number one/a: STAR WARS.

Number two/b: Jurassic Park.

Number three/c: Forrest Gump

Number four/d: Band of Brothers

Number five/e: Schindler's List

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