Recipe Hop Details!

My Bestie 'The Mrs' over at Trying Our Best is doing a recipe blog hop May 19 thru May 26.

I always do a desert (*cough, cough, cake-lady*) so in order to not disappoint I was thinking of doing a recipe for my Oreo Surprise Cupcakes. These cakes are my most POPULAR. When I am asked to bake something these are always the first request.

In order to be different I decided to also post up a recipe for Bourbon Slush. I am not a drinker. On very rare occasions I will have one or two drinks. I am just not into alcohol. Don't need it to have fun and usually don't ever even think about it. If I host a BBQ or party, which usually happens about four to five times a year I always serve Bourbon Slush. It sounds kind of harsh but actually with all of the yummy ingredients thrown into this drink you don't really taste alcohol and the best part is it is frozen! This frozen treat is always a hit at my BBQ's and I get tons of requests for the recipe.

So if you would like to join in the recipe hop or just want to check mine out then be sure to stop by on the 19th!


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