A Jim Music Memoir! ♥

Tuesday Tunes: Week 133
Let's do something fun.

Take the name of your favorite artist and tell us a bit of yourself using the first letters of the artists/bands name.

Love love love this!!

Jim Adkins is my inspiration
I love creating art..of all mediums
Music is my life
My job is to do maths all day
You know, I have probably seen Forrest Gump, Big and A League of Their Own about a million times. I can quote every line.

Everytime I hear a Jimmy Eat World songon radio I yell: "My Jim!"
A dream of mine is to go to Fenway to see the Sox play.
Tom Hanks is my favorite Actor.

Writes frequently. Music, in a journal or in some form.
On book number 31 for the year. I have already read 30 great books this year.
Reading is my biggest hobby
Love to laugh!
Driving to no where and having great music and great conversation is the coolest thing to do on the weekends.


The Bumbles May 19, 2010 at 2:35 PM  

Make that dream come true - hop in the car with good tunes and good peeps and find your way to Fenway - I'll meet you there!

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