I'm Late, I'm Late..

I've been absent from my favorite Music Blog since May Madness started. I had a few cake orders and updated the Cake blog (link to the right) if you are interested in looking.
Here we go with two Music Meme's I neglected but were too good to pass up!
Play along in comments if you want:

Top 5 songs from Disney films:
1. In A World of My Own and/or The Un-Birthday Song-From Alice in Wonderland. I am biased of course because I LOVE ♥ Alice.

2. Be Our Guest-Beauty and the Beast

3. I Just Can't Wait To Be King-Lion King (What a B.A. song!)

4. Under the Sea-Little Mermaid

5. I have a three way tie here:
Once Upon a Dream-Sleeping Beauty
One Jump-Aladdin
or A Whole New World-Aladdin

We haven't done a word association Tuesday Tunes in awhile, so let's do that this week. I'll post several words and you tell us what artist/band/song/album comes to mind first.
Storm: Fearless-Taylor Swift
Dark: Guiding Light-Muse
Late: A Little To Late-Tanya Tucker. (old skool)
Heavy: God of Wine-Third Eye Blind (b/c that song is intense)
Television: Bleed American-Jimmy Eat World "I'm not alone 'cos the tv's on.."
Leave: Long December-Counting Crows
Busy: Misery Business-Paramore
Smooth: Rob Thomas
Gentle: My Eyes-Travis
Hurt: Poke-Frightened Rabbit

a peak at new cakes :)


Yummy Mummy May 12, 2010 at 3:57 PM  

Picking favorite Disney songs is so hard! There are so many I love I'm not sure I could pick just five...

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