WTF Moments for the Week...

A few things:

Number one/a: The "Kayliegh" epidemic

Did everyone who conceived a female child in the past several years collectively decide to name it Kayliegh. Or Kaylee, or Kay-Le or how ever you want to spell it this time around. Name your kid what you want but it's just so damn confusing with the weird spellings and REDUNDANCY.

Every week I see a new story on the news about a Kaylee. Lots of Kaylee's folks. Makes me wonder if I didn't get the memo.

To keep with this name game: Number two/b: The "Tyler" effect

I swear I know about 30 kids called Tyler. In fact, funny digression: My hubs has a close family friend he grew up with who had recently got married and was expecting their first child. When asked what they were going to name the little tyke the wife stated, very sternly: "I don't want anyone to know. What if someone takes it??"
Well this better be good I say.
Child is born. Received my announcement in the post: TYLER.

Really you ass clown?? You didn't want anyone to take it? You and half of the population on earth are calling your kid Tyler.

Number three/c: The infamous Number Change courtesy of Jacoby Ellsbury , thus resulting in complete mayhem in my life.

Why Jacoby?? Why do you do this to me? I own a jersey, two numbered shirts, a picture shirt featuring Jacoby with his number 46 jersey on (unofficial), and a custom hat with Jacoby's number on it (46). Why in the wide world of sports would you change your number to 2??
I get it, I get it... You wanted number 2 when you arrived but someone owned that number and you had to settle. Well now that someone got a new jobby job and it's available so you swoop in and get your fancy new number. Well that's just great. Yay for number 2!

BUT, I own all 46 stuff and official Red Sox gear is a little on the pricey side...........and I am a LIBRA. I need my life in balance and I will just die if I don't have the proper number to represent you on my shirt and/or jersey.

I think it may be over between us. This love affair may not survive this change, but then again, you knew this. You know that change makes me anxious. *sigh*

(good thing he didn't get traded huh??? Can you even imagine what my rant would be there??)

Okay, Look at this face. I think I can forgive you..... *siiiiiiiiggggghhhhhh*

In all seriousness I realize baseball is unpredictable with players and such but I can still be peeved about all my #46 gear. Just wanted to be dramatic. As my family and friends always say to me:
"You with the dramatics". ♥

Number four/d: To Announce or Not to Announce?

I don't like to make waves. Again, Libra here. Peace keeper. People pleaser. Don't want to be an asshole for no good reason. So in light of this recent religious question is to you, fellow bloggies, and this example I will give you can be played in a number of scenarios but for now I will use Easter. As you know, working with people, idle chit chat is always a factor. So after one hundred and forty: "How was your Easter?" questions later, I stated: "I don't celebrate Easter, but my WEEKEND was nice".

Looked like I just shot her in the chest. Wounding her. I mean, I just said I don't celebrate I didn't denounce her religion or something. Why so touchy folks? Especially if MY Un-Easter didn't even effect your Easter?
So back to my question:
Do you announce things like this?? Or just play along?
Sometimes I get sick of playing along!!

Number five/e: Tennis

Love to play it, love to sell hotdogs during a match for it, HATE to watch it. My hubs is obsessed with watching it. It's not boring. It's the yelling. Especially the women. Each time they hit the ball my blood pressure elevates. Back and forth...every three seconds I hear a yelp...
I have suggested watching it with the mute button applied. I fear I may develop hypertension if not.

Thats all for this week...


Georgina April 6, 2010 at 11:44 AM  

I'm with you on the girl name thing. When you give a kid a name with multiple spellings or you just spell it your own way, every time that kid deals with a clerk or a teller or some other bureaucrat, she's going to have to spell her name out, again and again. ie: "No. It's not J-E-N-N-I-F-E-R. It's G-E-N-N-A-F-U-R." Parents, you are naming babies who will become adults one day!
IRL, my name is quite common and has two widely accepted spellings, and I hate having to tell people the correct the spelling all the time. - G

phinner April 6, 2010 at 12:18 PM  

you're so funny!

I think you should go bite the head off a chocolate eastor bunny right now! preferrably cadbury or dove, heheheh!!!

love ya!

: .)

p.s. a friend once told me that I should never get a favorite players name or number on a hockey jersey b/c that would portend an immediate trade. with my finger poised over the enter key, Scotty Hannan went to Colorado to become an Avalanche. thank goodness I didn't spend the million dollars on a personalized CCM jersey. ha!

p.p.s. I HATE it when people wish me a happy mother's day, period.

The Bumbles April 6, 2010 at 1:34 PM  

You know - I thought I noticed Jacoby wearing a different number - but I saw it just in a fleeting moment so thought maybe I was imagining things. I was working on the computer while the game was on so my focus on the details wasn't too strong.

But I just looked it up - it seems that he wore #2 all his life until coming up in the majors - the bench coach, Brad Mills (aka Millsy), wore #2. So Jacoby kept the number assigned to him as a rookie. When Mills left this year to become manager of the Astros, #2 became available and Jacoby snatched it up.

As for tennis? I could watch Nadal and Federer play tennis all day - yum.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit April 7, 2010 at 12:47 AM  

Oh dear, the name Kayleigh/Kaylee, sends me right back to when I was a lad, with this truly awesome slice of 80's pop goodness:!

As to whether to "announce or not", I have no clue. I don't celebrate Easter, but I guess I usually just play along.

Penny April 7, 2010 at 10:14 AM  

Georgina-I know!!! I hate that too!!

phinner-I am glad he didn't get traded!!!! Watch..I will buy all of my number 2 stuff and then they will trade him to the Phillies or something. GROSS.

Bumb-I know, I didn't feel like explaining that whole she-bang on my blog so I just referenced someone else getting a new jobby job, which is why Jacoby was able to get his proper number.
Don't get me wrong-I still love him. :) :)

BeckEye April 10, 2010 at 7:25 PM  

I like the name Kayleigh, but only if it's spelled as I just spelled it, because it's the title of one of my favorite songs of the '80s, by Marillion.

Caitlin is the girl's name and Connor is the boy's name that have worn out their welcome for me.

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