♪ "Take Back the Radio..." ♪

Tuesday Tunes: Week 129
This week's theme is "Radio"
Radio inspired many songs, what is your favorite?
I have a few :
Your New Aesthetic by Jimmy Eat World- "Make them open the request line, let selection kill the old, Take back the radio.." sigh...my jim ♥
Make Me Lose Control-Eric Carmen- "Turn the radio up for that sweet song.."
AM Radio-Everclear- "You can hear the music on the AM Radio"
Do you still listen to the radio? Why/Why not? I listen sometimes. There are really only pop stations in my area. I have one alternative rock station but they appear the play the same 50 songs over and over and over...and it's all crap I am sick of hearing.
I can't stomach most morning shows either. One show I don't mind hearing if I am in the mood for talk is The Kane Show on 99.5. I believe he is broadcast in Florida as well.. He is a funny dude and they do some rad stuff. I would say 95% of the time I have my ipod hooked up and set to shuffle. Thats how I roll.
What's your favorite station? If I had to pick-Hot 99.5
Are there any songs you discovered on the radio? What are they? Mostly pop stuff. I guess I could say Lady Gaga. The constant replay of 'Just Dance' made me fall in love with her :)


The Bumbles April 21, 2010 at 1:17 PM  

I listen to sports talk radio all day at work and often in the car. There is an independent radio station here - 92.5 The River (online at theriverboston.com) that plays a very eclectic mix of stuff - but even they fall prey to heavy rotation overkill.

Malcolm April 26, 2010 at 7:46 PM  

I haven't heard "Make Me Lose Control" in awhile! I just pulled it up on You Tube. I always liked the a cappella section.

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