The Difference Between Need and Want...

Not much to say lately...Could be a good thing ☺

Today is my Friday. I have the day off tomorrow to run about one thousand errands that have been piling up. Plus I need to make a really radical cake for my Dad. His DOB is this weekend. I am so unorganized this time around. Usually I have blue prints completed, pictures printed and icing made. I have not started on a thing. Slack.

Went shopping for a prom dress-which is rapidly approaching-and in the process I compiled a list of things I NEED *cough, cough, want*
Firstly: Here is my prom dress:

Now on with the list: Things I Need/Want:

Just added this to my queue of books. It's not available at my library so I'm going to have to order it. With the Old Breed- Eugene Sledge

Last year I was in need of a day planner. I went to Borders and found this funky/flowery mess of a day planner. It was all they had so I bought it because it had several pouches to put pens, stickies, etc. It also has FOUR vinyl place holders that are moveable!!! I love book marks. So I figured I would suffer through the flowery mess on the front ( I am NOT a flowery type of gal...)
Turns out I fell in LOVE ♥ with this planner. It is just right for me. Just enough room for my madness and each week has a corresponding blank page that I utilize to the fullest. Tiny blue prints for cake ideas, blue prints for ATC's (can you tell I like to blue print?), store lists, a must-have-weekly "songs to download" list, Books I need to check out, To do lists...Usually that correstponding page is a rainbow of color, drawings, song lyrics, writing and stickies! Take a look:

The odd/redick thing about the love of my life is that this planner runs August to August. Hmm...AND it's only made/sold in UK so I can not buy one online (online shop doesn't not internation ship). I am planning a trip back to Borders (*shudder*) to hopefully purchase a new one today! I like this owl design. This is def. more ME.

I NEED a new, radical coffee mug. I love dinosaurs. I love everything about them. My child is doomed to have everything dinosaur.

To keep with this: Why not?? While I'm at it I really Need/want to visit the Natural History Museum again. As soon as my hectic schedule clears I am going!

A notebook. Mac is sooooo expensive so this is, of course, a fantasy but since I was listing, might as well!

Anything you Need/Want/Can't Live Without??
Happy Thursday/Friday!


phinner April 29, 2010 at 11:00 AM  

(I started a comment and it went where???)

prom??? did I miss something?!
the dress is darling! we'll need pixs! : .)

happy "friday"!!!

happy b-day to Dad!

phinner April 29, 2010 at 11:11 AM  

oh, and that's exactly what my day planner looks like. complete with stickies. I doubt I'll ever go electronic, I like writing and highlighting and crossing/checking off too much! lol!

The Mrs. April 29, 2010 at 4:43 PM  

dinos... I shall start looking for dino stuff too. I bought sam a dino sweatshirt, really cute, and he wore it twice now he claims hes afraid of it.

The Bumbles April 29, 2010 at 5:07 PM  

You forgot Red Sox tickets.

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