Bud's Jim

Artists you are obsessed with? A close friend is obesessed with Sarah Mclachlan. So in theory: Sarah is her Jim. (jim ♥)
A digression: I am slightly irritated that everytime I go to type/write her last name I have to yahoo the damn thing in order to get the spelling correct. Gah....
Back on topic-I was asked to do a few ATC's inspired by Sarah M. songs. I am not a fan of Sarah M. so after much thinking the following is what happened with this project :)


Do What You Have To Do


phinner April 27, 2010 at 11:11 AM  

oooh, texture! awesome!

eddie, eddie, eddie!!! but you knew that! LOL!

I <3 Eddie!

(and Jon BonJovi, without his shirt of course. did you know we share the same birthday?!)

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