♪ .."And My Heart Beats So That I Can Hardly Speak.." ♪

If I didn't already think Joe Mazzello was darling there is no question now.

I posted on my facebook that I had recently purchased the DVD Matters of Life and Death-the movie that Joe wrote, directed, acted and produced.

After posting that I purchased the film I recieved a reply from Joe, himself!

"YAY! thank you so much. Let me know when it comes in okay? I wanna make sure thats working and see what you think."

Now If I could just get Tom Hanks to personally thank me everytime I go and see one of his films *wink*

Pretty impressed and super stoked to get the film. It seems pretty intense regardless of personal thank you's. ♥

pic from www.joesmovie.com


phinner April 26, 2010 at 3:58 PM  


what is it with you and celebrities?! that star shines brightly over your head!

you must let us know what you think too!!!

: .)

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