The "O.G. Yes We Can" Cakes

Thats "Original Gangsta" to those who are not "hip".
My dad builds stuff. Which is why Ma thought Bob the builder would make a good cake. Here ya go. Happy Friday.

Corresponding Cupcakes

The Difference Between Need and Want...

Not much to say lately...Could be a good thing ☺

Today is my Friday. I have the day off tomorrow to run about one thousand errands that have been piling up. Plus I need to make a really radical cake for my Dad. His DOB is this weekend. I am so unorganized this time around. Usually I have blue prints completed, pictures printed and icing made. I have not started on a thing. Slack.

Went shopping for a prom dress-which is rapidly approaching-and in the process I compiled a list of things I NEED *cough, cough, want*
Firstly: Here is my prom dress:

Now on with the list: Things I Need/Want:

Just added this to my queue of books. It's not available at my library so I'm going to have to order it. With the Old Breed- Eugene Sledge

Last year I was in need of a day planner. I went to Borders and found this funky/flowery mess of a day planner. It was all they had so I bought it because it had several pouches to put pens, stickies, etc. It also has FOUR vinyl place holders that are moveable!!! I love book marks. So I figured I would suffer through the flowery mess on the front ( I am NOT a flowery type of gal...)
Turns out I fell in LOVE ♥ with this planner. It is just right for me. Just enough room for my madness and each week has a corresponding blank page that I utilize to the fullest. Tiny blue prints for cake ideas, blue prints for ATC's (can you tell I like to blue print?), store lists, a must-have-weekly "songs to download" list, Books I need to check out, To do lists...Usually that correstponding page is a rainbow of color, drawings, song lyrics, writing and stickies! Take a look:

The odd/redick thing about the love of my life is that this planner runs August to August. Hmm...AND it's only made/sold in UK so I can not buy one online (online shop doesn't not internation ship). I am planning a trip back to Borders (*shudder*) to hopefully purchase a new one today! I like this owl design. This is def. more ME.

I NEED a new, radical coffee mug. I love dinosaurs. I love everything about them. My child is doomed to have everything dinosaur.

To keep with this: Why not?? While I'm at it I really Need/want to visit the Natural History Museum again. As soon as my hectic schedule clears I am going!

A notebook. Mac is sooooo expensive so this is, of course, a fantasy but since I was listing, might as well!

Anything you Need/Want/Can't Live Without??
Happy Thursday/Friday!

On the Up and Up..

Whenever I am feeling extra bummed I try to make a Love, Love, Love list. Try to grasp the positive. It keeps my head above water. Well the past two weeks were kind of crappy so to spare my sanity just humor me.

Things I love, love, love ♥ ♥ ♥

Number one/a: The fact that I accidentally checked out a LARGE PRINT book at the library. The font is ginormous! I really don't need my glasses to read it.

Number two/b: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait from Mcd's. Amazing. Seriously. I don't even like is this possible I am in love with F&Y Parfait? Who's a mystery.

Number three/c: Joe Mazzello-He's intense, he's stunning and he amazes me. Love tuning into the Pacific every Sunday to see him blow me away with his performance. Plus, excited to check out his film, that I ordered but have not yet recieved, Matters of Life and Death. (*picture permission given from Joe himself. I'm "allowed to use his pics anytime for my blog as long as I don't bash him =]" ). No bashing here.

Number four/d: Rusty-One of my oldest friends. We knew each other before we were born. Seriously. His ma went to school with my ma. We lived near each other. My parents moved to another county and several years later his parents ended up moving to the same county..just five doors down. Peas and carrots ever since. I am thankful for Rus these past two weeks. He's really taken the time to listen to me complain, whine and just vent. When I have had a shitty day he takes me for ice cream and when we go grocery shopping he always loads my groceries on the belt, puts the bags into the cart, pushes the cart and then loads them into my car. I don't lift a finger. Spoiled. I know. I'm so happy to have such great friends in my life. They keep me sane.

Bud's Jim

Artists you are obsessed with? A close friend is obesessed with Sarah Mclachlan. So in theory: Sarah is her Jim. (jim ♥)
A digression: I am slightly irritated that everytime I go to type/write her last name I have to yahoo the damn thing in order to get the spelling correct. Gah....
Back on topic-I was asked to do a few ATC's inspired by Sarah M. songs. I am not a fan of Sarah M. so after much thinking the following is what happened with this project :)


Do What You Have To Do

♪ .."And My Heart Beats So That I Can Hardly Speak.." ♪

If I didn't already think Joe Mazzello was darling there is no question now.

I posted on my facebook that I had recently purchased the DVD Matters of Life and Death-the movie that Joe wrote, directed, acted and produced.

After posting that I purchased the film I recieved a reply from Joe, himself!

"YAY! thank you so much. Let me know when it comes in okay? I wanna make sure thats working and see what you think."

Now If I could just get Tom Hanks to personally thank me everytime I go and see one of his films *wink*

Pretty impressed and super stoked to get the film. It seems pretty intense regardless of personal thank you's. ♥

pic from

Photo Challenge-Enchanted & Time


What Do You Call A Blind Dinosaur?

All grows up..... that's what you call it.

Been a fan of this lovely since I was knee high to a grass hopper. He stars in one of my all time fav. films: Jurassic Park. I followed his films for quite some time and own several of them...then he just kind of disappeared...for years.
Well he's back.
He's even more of an amazing actor.
He's Stunning.
Holy smokers.

Move over jim ♥.

Just jokes...

pics: The Pacific and Joe Mazzello's site.

♪ "Take Back the Radio..." ♪

Tuesday Tunes: Week 129
This week's theme is "Radio"
Radio inspired many songs, what is your favorite?
I have a few :
Your New Aesthetic by Jimmy Eat World- "Make them open the request line, let selection kill the old, Take back the radio.." jim ♥
Make Me Lose Control-Eric Carmen- "Turn the radio up for that sweet song.."
AM Radio-Everclear- "You can hear the music on the AM Radio"
Do you still listen to the radio? Why/Why not? I listen sometimes. There are really only pop stations in my area. I have one alternative rock station but they appear the play the same 50 songs over and over and over...and it's all crap I am sick of hearing.
I can't stomach most morning shows either. One show I don't mind hearing if I am in the mood for talk is The Kane Show on 99.5. I believe he is broadcast in Florida as well.. He is a funny dude and they do some rad stuff. I would say 95% of the time I have my ipod hooked up and set to shuffle. Thats how I roll.
What's your favorite station? If I had to pick-Hot 99.5
Are there any songs you discovered on the radio? What are they? Mostly pop stuff. I guess I could say Lady Gaga. The constant replay of 'Just Dance' made me fall in love with her :)

♪ " I Won't Let You Bury It.." ♪

Time is Running Out-Muse
♥ Matt Bellamy

Your Voice is All I Hear...

Top 5 On Friday
Top 5 songs you love to hear live

Number one/a: If You Don't, Don't-Jimmy Eat World

Number two/b: Supermassive Black Hole AND/or Stockholm Syndrome-Muse (b/c Matty B KILLS the guitar on this track)

Number three/c: Flowers in the Window-Travis. Fran has a beautiful voice. I am also VERY biased when it comes to All I Wanna Do Is Rock. It's epic.

Number four/d: The Soup Song-Hootie

Number five/e: Dizzy-Jimmy Eat World-pure, raw, emotion. *sigh* My Jim ♥

..♪ "How Did It Come To This?;;;" ♪

Apologies in advance my bloggie buds. I have been a little under the weather since Saturday eve. The pollen has broken through my daily Zyrtec and caught up with me.
I've been neglecting a few of you and I do apologize. I have been trying to get caught up. ♥

I am a day late (go figure...) for Tuesday tunes. So here goes:

Tuesday Tunes - Week 128
A little fun what if:
If money were no object:

What musical things would you buy? Wow...I would def. buy a new mic, a Mac to record, a keyboard, a baby amp (just because I want one and didn't get one for Christmas)

And lessons from Matt Bellamy on how to properly shred on that little drop of heaven. I'd even travel to Italy where he resides..... *sigh*
How far would you travel for a concert? If money were no object?? Idk..I hate planes...but I would love to see a show with my pals from UK. I would go see Jimmy Eat World there, if they were playing. Muse as well.

What bands/artists would you see? Front row: Muse, Pearl Jam (SOLD OUT), Lady Gaga, Weezer, U2

Would you try to make music of your own? OF COURSE!!! I helped studio pad a storage unit for a band I was singing in. It was very expensive and lots of hard work. We were trying to go the cheap route and it ended up being a diaster. I would love to rent a space to record or just go to hang out and play.

All I Wanna Do Is Rock..

A Very Alice Birthday Cake...

Walkin' After Midnight

A Rando Mess...Thats me!

Firstly, bloggies, have you ever visited the website Sporcle?? It's crazy fun! I love the states and capitals game and the Badly Drawn faces games. They have a TON of stuff in all different areas of interest. Check it out next time you are looking to waste some time on the internets.

Second: Baked the two tiers of my Brudders cake last night. I also prepped some fondant cut outs and created mini cards from fondant. Here is a sneak peek. Tonight I will decorate and assemble. My final, colored, blue print looks great. I am hoping this one turns out as well as I am expecting it to!

Next: Number 20 for 2010: Love Always Patsy Cline: Patsy Cline's Letters to a Friend. What an amazing book so far. Lots of info and it really lets you get to "know" Ms. Patsy. I am such a huge fan of hers. My grandma (RIP) was always listening to her and Loretta Lynn. Actually, my Grandma loved them so much she named her daugher (my aunt) Loretta Lynn! Growing up I always heard Ms. Patsy in the house. As a child I connected with her immediately. The power, the emotion and the depth of her voice. It soars straight into my soul. So if you are a fan of Ms. Patsy check out this book! You won't be disappointed.

Also, Jim announced he is recording the infamous cover for the new album. Super stoked about this. Each album they do a cover and I am usually pretty amazed each time with how much I love the new sound. Curious what they pick and even curiouser (alice) to hear!! Yay for My Jim ♥


Top 5 On Friday
Top 5 albums that didn't live up to the hype

I listen to A LOT of indie stuff so I am going to list these by MY hype, if you know what I mean..
I can really only think of two right now, so here they are:

1. Keane-Perfect Symmetry-I love Keane but their last album is so different I can't listen to it. They lyrics are no longer deep, the music is too poppy and there is no connection between us. Not for me.

2. Republic Tigers-Keep Color- These boys opened for Travis about a year ago. I arrived about halfway through their set and I was really into the music. The lead singer was like Jim's long lost twin so he was nice to look at. After the Travis show I downloaded the Republic Tigers latest album from itunes. The following week I gave it a listen. It is horrid. Well, that's a little's just not for me. Maybe I was too busy droolilng over Jim's twin to actually pick up that I didn't really dig their music...OR maybe they are just better live. Who knows? Either way, disappointed.
3. The Shins-Everyone was super jazzed about this band after Garden State came out. I had heard a few things prior but ended up really taking a listen after the hype. Yeah, not for me.
4. Kings of Leon-I really liked Caleb's voice and intensity in Sex on Fire. Plus he's I bought the album. Disappointed. Not for me. Now the only track my local radio plays is Use Somebody.

Found My Muchness...

Big stuff in the cake world this week. I was asked to make some of my Famous Oreo Surprise cupcakes for a friend/colleague that is leaving my company on Friday.

I am also creating a two tiered Alice in Wonderland cake for my Brudder. His date of birth is actually today but we are celebrating on Saturday.

I have some great ideas and have decided to share a rough copy of my blue prints. Firstly on the top tier I will be using Frozen butter cream method to pipe a version of this picture/characters only-in this style-because it's very Burton-esqe.

Then I will be cutting white squares from fondant to make baby cards. Those will be stuck randomly throughout the top of the cake. SEE BELOW.

As the border around the top tier I will use alternating Red Hearts and Black Spades cut from fondant. I purchased a Wilton mini cookie cutter set of Card symbols several weeks ago for this reason.

For the bottom tier I will be using a rope border out of butter cream done in black icing. Then I will pipe random swirlies in red butter cream on the sides. On the top of the tier I will write "Merry Un-Birthday" in a crazy font.

Pretty excited to make this cake. It's a complete surprise as well. My Brudder knows I am making him a cake but he doesn't know the style and we both were raised on Alice in Wonderland so this cake will be a pretty big deal.

So with this said:

WTF Moments for the Week...

A few things:

Number one/a: The "Kayliegh" epidemic

Did everyone who conceived a female child in the past several years collectively decide to name it Kayliegh. Or Kaylee, or Kay-Le or how ever you want to spell it this time around. Name your kid what you want but it's just so damn confusing with the weird spellings and REDUNDANCY.

Every week I see a new story on the news about a Kaylee. Lots of Kaylee's folks. Makes me wonder if I didn't get the memo.

To keep with this name game: Number two/b: The "Tyler" effect

I swear I know about 30 kids called Tyler. In fact, funny digression: My hubs has a close family friend he grew up with who had recently got married and was expecting their first child. When asked what they were going to name the little tyke the wife stated, very sternly: "I don't want anyone to know. What if someone takes it??"
Well this better be good I say.
Child is born. Received my announcement in the post: TYLER.

Really you ass clown?? You didn't want anyone to take it? You and half of the population on earth are calling your kid Tyler.

Number three/c: The infamous Number Change courtesy of Jacoby Ellsbury , thus resulting in complete mayhem in my life.

Why Jacoby?? Why do you do this to me? I own a jersey, two numbered shirts, a picture shirt featuring Jacoby with his number 46 jersey on (unofficial), and a custom hat with Jacoby's number on it (46). Why in the wide world of sports would you change your number to 2??
I get it, I get it... You wanted number 2 when you arrived but someone owned that number and you had to settle. Well now that someone got a new jobby job and it's available so you swoop in and get your fancy new number. Well that's just great. Yay for number 2!

BUT, I own all 46 stuff and official Red Sox gear is a little on the pricey side...........and I am a LIBRA. I need my life in balance and I will just die if I don't have the proper number to represent you on my shirt and/or jersey.

I think it may be over between us. This love affair may not survive this change, but then again, you knew this. You know that change makes me anxious. *sigh*

(good thing he didn't get traded huh??? Can you even imagine what my rant would be there??)

Okay, Look at this face. I think I can forgive you..... *siiiiiiiiggggghhhhhh*

In all seriousness I realize baseball is unpredictable with players and such but I can still be peeved about all my #46 gear. Just wanted to be dramatic. As my family and friends always say to me:
"You with the dramatics". ♥

Number four/d: To Announce or Not to Announce?

I don't like to make waves. Again, Libra here. Peace keeper. People pleaser. Don't want to be an asshole for no good reason. So in light of this recent religious question is to you, fellow bloggies, and this example I will give you can be played in a number of scenarios but for now I will use Easter. As you know, working with people, idle chit chat is always a factor. So after one hundred and forty: "How was your Easter?" questions later, I stated: "I don't celebrate Easter, but my WEEKEND was nice".

Looked like I just shot her in the chest. Wounding her. I mean, I just said I don't celebrate I didn't denounce her religion or something. Why so touchy folks? Especially if MY Un-Easter didn't even effect your Easter?
So back to my question:
Do you announce things like this?? Or just play along?
Sometimes I get sick of playing along!!

Number five/e: Tennis

Love to play it, love to sell hotdogs during a match for it, HATE to watch it. My hubs is obsessed with watching it. It's not boring. It's the yelling. Especially the women. Each time they hit the ball my blood pressure elevates. Back and forth...every three seconds I hear a yelp...
I have suggested watching it with the mute button applied. I fear I may develop hypertension if not.

Thats all for this week...

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