WTF Thoughts of the Week..

I have no topic of interest today so I knicked "I Wonder Wednesday" from my friend til the end The Mrs. She doesn't have a button for it yet. It just kind of came up one Wednesday when she nothing in particular to say.

The object is to list little WTF moments, things that make you sit back and ponder afterwards and just random musings from the week. I'm a big ole pile of random so this fits me just right.

-Why do people abandon good parking habits in the early mornings at 711? On days I go to get coffee every car in the front lot is double parked or ass crocked...leaving no room for my little Jetta to squeeze in. He needs room people. BACK OFF and mind your manners.

-Why does every boy on American Idol want to be Chris Daughtrey or that god awful Nickleback man? Or better yet, Why am I still watching this show??

-Why does my fat cat-Johnny feel the need to EAT every pair of shoelaces I put in my New Balances? I am on pair number three.

-Why has it taken me so long to find Michael Crichton?

-How rad is this ticket???? Super excited to go.

-Why are Lego ice cube trays SO expensive?
I need the molds for a cake I'm making in April and can't bring myself to spend twenty dollars.

-Do Pharm Reps know that they come off as completely not genuine and slimy?

-Does anyone really keep their word these days?


Rabbit March 3, 2010 at 12:09 PM  

I keep my word. So there is at least one bunny in the bunch.

BeckEye March 3, 2010 at 11:44 PM  

Clearly, I can't help you with the AI question. I'm still watching too.

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