"WTF Moments"

I have two WTF moments from this morning. They both happened before 9 am this morning. We discussed a few weeks ago that I was asked to donate some cupcakes for a dinner to raise money for the Humane Society of my county. I happily agreed and signed up to give four dozen. I got them set to go last night-green and white swirled with a green paw print on top and sprinkles (green was the color theme). I was told by the Humane Society to drop off said cakes between 8 and 3 today. Well I decided I needed some fresh coffee in my life this morning so I would go deliver said cakes and pop into a shop for coffee.

It's been raining all morning so I arrive at Humane Society at 9:30 am, park and run up to the main entrance. The door is CLOSED and locked. Hmmm.. So I walk around the side of the building to a second entrance. Locked. I am soaked at this point and the bottom of my pants are getting muddy (I am very, very short so usually my pants run a smidge long). I see two ladies in a window on the front of the building on their lap tops. I knock on the window and point to the two giant boxes of cupcakes I am holding. The lady shakes her head NO and says: You can't come in.

I don't want to come in. I want to give you these cakes and get back into my car and go get my freakin' coffee. I yell: DONATION. She opens the door and gives me the shittiest look she can muster up. I explain I was told to drop the cakes off between 8-3 and I gave her the name of the person I talked to. She takes the cakes and states: "I don't know what you want me to do with these".
Okay. I explain again. She then states: "I guess I'll make sure someone gets them". Then she shuts the door.

Okay. WTF?

I didn't want a red carpet or an award but how about a little common courtesy, less rudeness and maybe a 'Thank you' for helping.

This is the SECOND time I have donated there and the people are shitty. I donate for the animals not the people but it still bothers me. No wonder I like my cats more than I like most people.

Second WTF moment. My company had our big monthly meeting yesterday. A select few rebels at my job decided that they would blatantly disobey our dress code and wear jeans, whenever they felt like it. This has gone on for two months or more. Finally it was addressed at said meeting. Only no one was reprimanded they compromised stating that all employees were allowed to wear "nice" jeans on pay day Friday only.
Well firstly: I work in medical. We are all required to wear scrubs. If we had to walk around in panty hose and suits and skirts and heels all week I could completely understand the desire to wear jeans once a week as a break, but SCRUBS? Scrubs are like Jammies (pj's). Why the Eff' would you want to not wear scrubs to work??

Secondly, you can wear jeans but you have to wear a scrub top with it. Well that's not weird at all.

Thirdly, I come in today and four of our nurses have tight ass, low rise jeans on. Does any one else see the ODD in this?? My nurse shouldn't look like she just left Fur Night Club after a night of drinks. It just looks trashy and unprofessional.

I swear, more and more I feel as if I work for Ringling Brothers Circus.

So here you are: WTF folks?


The Bumbles March 12, 2010 at 12:57 PM  

First of all - I love your post image - I'll now think WTF everytime I dole out our kitties' meds from their pill organizers!

Second - I'm one of those brazen hussies at my office. I wore jeans on Fridays all the time because my boss is not in on Fridays. But I work in an office of a cluster of sales people, each with their own staff, and then staff for the overall company. So although I only report to and am paid by my boss, we reside in a space used by many other people.

I was told by agency staff not to wear jeans anymore and so I told them to take it up with my boss (which they never did and he doesn't care) or get that god damned copier moved away from my cubicle and that sign of caring is something I could reciprocate with professional dress.

After asking politely for them to move the copier for 2 years, it magically disappeared when I made the request in exchange for no more jeans! So I don't wear jeans anymore, unless it is a big filing day or I'm leaving early. But when I do, I try to make sure they look classy ;0)

(army)Wife March 12, 2010 at 3:45 PM  

I probably would have smashed a cupcake in that girl's face. What a biotch!

I agree...I tend to like my dogs better than most people...

The Mrs. March 12, 2010 at 9:22 PM  

the humane society people are crazy bitchy. I donated some stuff there, kitty litter, and you would have thought I was dropping off a bomb. Again I dont need gushing thanks but how bout you help me open the door at least? MAybe its someting in their water... or cause they work in the dorf. who knows.

and the jeans. I'm with you I want my nurse to look like a nurse, not a clubber.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit March 15, 2010 at 7:13 PM  

Good grief, you were *donating* your hard work to those people! How dare that lady be so rude? Seriously, how do they expect to thrive if they don't at least accept donations with a little politeness!!

Gah! Gah, I say!

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