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This will be a mash up of items that I having running about in my head this morning as well as some answers to some burning questions I have been getting recently...

1/a: Firstly, I have been operating, for the last hour, under the notion that it is Wednesday. Well bloggie's, it is, in fact, NOT Wednesday. While in route to obtain some coffee I passed a foot doctor that rents out a room from my office on Thursdays. I gave him a look...then it hit me. It's Thursday!! Yay for Thursday!!

2/b: In response to the staples-on-the-right-side lady. I had a few folks ask if she was left handed. The answer is this: No. She is not AND even if she were left handed: No excuse.
Policy and procedures...only use black ink, can't wear jeans and staple on the left hand side because of charting. So again, no excuse. No special treatment here. Follow the rules and quit jamming up my scanner.

3/c: In a previous post I mentioned my favourite candies for easter season. I totally forgot to mention that this time of year marks Passover. During Passover we get Kosher Coca Cola!!!
Yummmmmmmmmm.. I'm a Coke kinda gal. Nothing I love more than an iced cold coca cola classic from the fountain with tons of ice. Plus, my daddy is a Coke man. So as Ma states: "Coke pays the bills". Yes, it does.

Coca Cola releases Kosher coke during Passover and this drink is as CLOSE to the original Coca Cola formula as you can legally get! It excludes the high fructose corn syrup and uses a spin of the original formula made with a more sugar and Carmel base. If you are looking to try it out it is only available in 2 liter bottles and can be spotted by the bright yellow cap with hebrew writing on the top. (see photo). When you pour it you will notice that it has way more fizzies than normal Coke. It's absurdly tasty and it was tough to find this year around my area. Luckily I have an "inside man" and I'm stocked up :)

So if you like Coke and want to try something cool check it out.

4/d: I had a few folks inquire about the Five for Five trade I did with my Bud Jess. We were to make five ATC's for each other with the prompt: Five Songs That Make Me Think of You. I posted pictures of the cards I made and listed the songs. A few people were asking what songs she picked; What songs remind her of me. Well here goes:
1. Clarity-Jimmy Eat World
2. I'ma Buy You A Drank-T Pain (yes, I'm serious. This is my JAM)
3. So Far, So Great-Demi Lavato (I also picked this song for her)
4. Poker Face-Lady Gaga (Another double)
5. Penny and Me-Hanson

and 5/e: Simply because I have not posted a picture in awhile and I heart my cats: Anthony Jr. with his favourite toy ♥


Yummy Mummy March 25, 2010 at 1:14 PM  

What really cracks me up about 1/a is that yesterday you did a WTF Wednesday. :)

Penny March 25, 2010 at 1:23 PM  

YumMum-I know right??!! I am lost in the sauce!

phinner March 25, 2010 at 6:10 PM  

teeheeheehahahagigglegigglesnort! oh my, I feel a smackdown coming on!

everytime I go to the store and see all the colorful eastor candy, I think of you!

so you're Dad is a coca cola man, you have a direct line? too cool!!!

I went to Mexico City awhile ago and I loved saying "Coca light, sin hielo por favor!" : .)


The Bumbles March 29, 2010 at 1:29 PM  

That's funny - my friend that we were away with over the weekend was just telling about the kosher Coke - she said it was so frickin' yummy without the fructose - just the real deal sugar high! So I am going to see if there is any at our grocery store this week and check it out - especially now that I have a second endorsement from you!

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