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Top 5 On Friday - Week 233
Top 5 concert experiences

This is gonna be a long one folks..but I promise you, interesting..

Number one/a: We are going to go WAaaaaaaaaaaY back for this one. My first concert ever was at the age of 8. My (then) best friend's Ma bought tickets to New Kids on the Block! I had to really do some coaxing with my Ma to let me go because there was a small issue with the tickets. My bff had seats with an aunt and they couldn't get the last two tickets together...so it was me and my bff's older brother (about 14 years old) in a complete other section. Thankfully, she trusted bff's Bro to watch over me and agreed to let me go. It was craziness. We went to a really awesome Chinese restaurant where you sat on the floor and removed your shoes and I tried my first Egg Drop soup. Afterwards we arrived at the venue. My bff was being a little bitch because her cousins were around and she was sort of ignoring me. Bro hung out with me..what a nice guy.

At the show, the opener was Perfect Gentleman ( hahahahaha..classy boys) and then my bff's Bro saw a friend in another section that was actually closer to the stage so we moved up!! I don't remember much of the show to be honest. I only remember moving up and then leaving the venue. There were all of these shady men outside selling t-shirts for dirt cheap. I had some spending money in my back pocket. So I went to fish it out to pay for a cheap-o shirt (I was cheap even as a child...) and a really radical sticker book and my money was GONE!! I was devastated! I really wanted that radical sticker book. I was so bummed that my bff's Bro told his Ma, when we arrived at the van, that she should give me back the money that I lost. I declined this, saying it wasn't necessary I was just upset I couldn't get a sticker book. When we finally arrived back home I changed into my pj's and found my freaking money!! It was crammed into the back pocket on the side, kind of stuck there. I guess in my frantic search I didn't feel it there.

Still didn't get that radical sticker book but it was a good time anyway.

Number two/b: Probably one of the coolest gigs I have ever attended would have to be a FREE show in Rockville. Rockville, Maryland does a "Rockville Day". They shut a few streets down and have a local band play and have games and food and fun all day outside. The cool thing is you can BYOB. (By B I mean-Beverage-as I do not partake in alcohol). My parents had not gone to a gig in years so we convinced them to drive up with us. We packed a cooler of snacks and beverages-Beer for the boys, Coca Cola for the gals and headed up. The band that year was one of me and Hubs favs: Hootie and the Blowfish. Mark (guitar player) is from Rockville so they were the featured band that year. Hubs and I have seen Hootie play probably 16 times or more. Before you start bitching about mainstream and societal norms I will say this: Hootie is so much more than "Let Her Cry". They are great musicians, awesome lyricists, and they are phenom. live. Give them a second go if you have hatred in your heart. Maybe you won't be sorry you did.

Anyway, attended the show and the band played for about two and half hours and it was incredibly B.A. It was General Admin and open spaced and people were dancing and just feeling it. Great venue to see Hootie. So much better than their normal venue of Wolf Trap in VA.

Number three/c: I would have to say Warped Tour of 2005. I was volunteering for Fanscape. I would attend gigs (for free), take a bunch of cool cds or stickers or promo items and pass them out and photograph the event. I would also write a report on the experience. I was asked to do Warped Tour and be the Team Leader..basically meaning I had more perks than the other workers. I talked my Field Rep into letting Hubs come along and work along side me. She agreed. We stayed in a hotel in VA because we had to report to the venue SUPER early. Upon arrival, we parked in employee parking..right in between two tour buses.

The Field Rep got us together and took most of the new comers over to work at a booth for Fanscape giving out samples of Gatorade or something. FR knew that I was a fan of My Chemical Romance so she assigned Hubs and I to go work for Alternative Press magazine for the whole day. The FR was told that MCR may be doing a signing that day and she knew I would love to work for them.

We were to run autograph sessions and do bitch work for bands like Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack and Avenged Sevenfold. We also had to sell a year long magazine subscription for $5. This basically sold itself. It was very HOT outside. I arranged a schedule for a new volunteer, Hubs and I to have breaks to see bands we like perform. I took a break long enough to see MCR perform. After two autograph sessions and a SOLD OUT magazine we packed up the tent and were free to roam. We had VIP passes since we worked for AP/Fanscape for the day. We walked to the main stage. Fall Out Boy and Offspring were about to perform. We attempted to go "back stage" and the small fry security guard said we would need VIP-VIP passes to get back there. Bummed we started to walk away to watch Fall Out Boy from the side stage and we run into Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance. He was on his way back stage to play back up bass on a Fall Out Boy song. We all started chatting and he told us to come with him. We went back to Small Fry and Mikey said: "They are with me"....and we got in :) I got to meet Patrick of Fall Out Boy and Rob got to meet Travis Barker and Dexter Holland and a bunch of other folks.

At the end of the FOB performing I was hot and tired so we headed back to our car and who do you suppose is parked next to us?? Fall Out Boy. After this of course we got stuck in a three hour wait to leave the venue...Note to self-employee parking is not necessarily a "Good Thing".

Number four/d: We attended DC 101's Chili Cookoff in 2000 (I think). A band I am really fond of was playing: Stroke Nine. We ended up worked the venue (of course..always working) but this does have perks: free drinks. During Stroke Nine's performance I was miffed because I tower at the great height of Five foot NOTHING. So I couldn't see anything. We left the fenced off streets and went to a rando bank on the side of the main stage. We could see perfectly! Stroke Nine was pretty rocking. I really wanted to meet the lead singer: Luke but we didn't get the opportunity. We had aftershow tickets to Matchbox Twenty at the 930 Club. We arrived there and while watching the show who walks up to stand right beside me?? Luke of Stroke Nine. Got to meet him after all and both shows were pretty radical!

Number five/e: I have so many Jimmy Eat World shows to choose from but I think I would have to say by far, the BESTest, best gig would have to be the Philly show last year. I had free tickets and a rental car with XM radio. I am a sucker for a road trip and a musical compilation. Hubs and I had a blast driving to the show. We arrived and jammed out to Clarity in it's entirety. Afterwards got to see a few friends that were also at the show and got to see My Jim. *sigh* There weren't a lot of people around so we had great time hanging out and talking. Full of jokes that night. The stuff greatness is made of.

Thanks for reading if you lasted this long! Happy Friday!


phinner March 5, 2010 at 11:42 AM  

you crack me up!

happy friday!

: .)

phinner March 5, 2010 at 11:44 AM  

I wish I was this passionate about something!!!

BeckEye March 5, 2010 at 6:41 PM  

Oh, man. I'm glad I didn't see at least 4 of those concerts. Sorry. :)

Pearl Jam and Springsteen have put on the best concerts consistently. Duran Duran was amazing. INXS too.

The Bumbles March 6, 2010 at 11:54 PM  

Oh I am right with BeckEye - Pearl Jam rocks live, and I wanted to see DD like you saw NKOTB.

My first concert was Chicago - when I was 14. The last tour with the original singer. But I wanted to see Lover Boy or Duran Duran or Bon Jovi before that. My folks just wouldn't let me go when I was younger.

But they let my little brother go see Metallica when he was in Middle School - thanks to MOI chaperoning him and his buddy. I hung in the back with my tie dye T-shirt on surrounded by older biker dudes - but that show totally rocked.

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