A Question of Books

Today I start book number 18 for this year, thus far. I have really been putting some Crichton's to sleep. Out of all of his novels I believe I still have a pending list of 6 that I want to read. Thankfully, they are all available at my local libray.

I am thinking of taking a break from Crichton after I finish Congo to revisit the Twilight saga. Whenever a Twilight film or Harry Potter film is released I tend to revisit the books. I love the stories and I don't get tired of the reading.

These along with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. They never get old.

Out of the current 18 books this year some of my most favourite reads are:
The Great Gatsby-F. Scott Fitzgerald
Bloodroot-Amy Greene
To Kill A Mockingbird-Harper Lee
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest-Ken Kearsey
Jurassic Park-Michael Crichton
Andromeda Strain-M Crichton

So my questions to you, my bloggie buds:

number one/a: Do you have any favourite books that you tend to revisit time and time again?

number two/b: In the past year, what are some of your favourite reads?

Happy reading!

The Wanderer

Music And Movies:

There are a lot of movies made about rock bands. What artist/band do you think should be immortalized on the big screen? (Feel free to cast the leading roles if you so choose) I don't know...there are already films made about most of the artists I am interested in learning more about. Maybe Dion DiMucci, as in Dion from Dion and the Belmonts. I have always been spellbound by his voice, since childhood. I had a few of his vinyls as a kid and would play them over and over again and he has always just stuck with me. I've read here and there he had a rough go of it so I would like to see a film about him.

In case you didn't know, he was incredibly darling as a young man and I'm thinking Zachy Efron could play him. *sigh*

Which do you like better, movies about music or movies that are musicals and why? This is like Sophie's choice for me. I love them both. Equally. I love, love, love musicals-Funny Girl, Cabaret, Sound of Music... My hubs HATES them. So I have to watch when he is busy or at some random sporting event.
Movies about music-I love them all-La Bamba and Dirty Dancing were a staple of my pre-teen years. I love Empire Records, Walk the Line, Ray, Cadillac Records, Sweet Dreams, anything musical...love it.

Tell us your favorite movie soundtrack and why: This would be Dirty Dancing part one and two. For those old skoolers online remember when they divided the vinyls in to two sections b/c on Dirty Dancing part one they left all of this great music out??!! Well I do. Great stuff.
I am also very into the music from Empire Records. They had about fifty songs in that film but the soundtrack only had 12 tracks. I got a complete track listing and just downloaded every song featured and made my own Empire Records soundtrack ♥

"I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself you see..."

So even though I don't participate in easter celebrating I am required by marital law to go and have dinner with my in-laws. This really makes me hate holidays. I really, quite loved Christmas until they came along.
I'm going to share this with you bloggies because I am feeling down and I tend to remain down and full of dread the whole week prior. Here are some things running through my mind that maybe you can help me with:
-I have never been liked by them. I have to mind what I say, how I dress, who I am.
-I have "known" them for 11 years this June, yet they don't know a single thing about me except that I play guitar and I work in maths.
-I have to dress a different way when I see them because they wouldn't accept my usual jeans and cardigan way of dressing
-I have to hide my wrist tattoos
-They do their best to exclude me and I am usually just left in a room somewhere and then I am scolded for not joining in
-They tell me that I am a part of their family now, yet make me feel like nothing but the farthest from this.
-I lose myself when I have to be around them. I don't know how to be. It's a double edged sword: They don't like that I don't talk to them, yet when I do talk to them I am being scrutinized so it makes me not want to talk to them.
-I am severely uncomfortable while there.
-Everyone is incredibly rude yet I can't be rude back. I'm not good at being rude. I was raised differently I suppose.
-The whole experience is painful. The preparation, the buildup, the big visit, the finish and the aftermath
-I often leave angry or upset.
It's easy to say "just stop it" but entirely another issue when it's gone on for so long. After 11 years shouldn't I be accustomed to this? Any good words of advice or inspiration I can carry with me this weekend my bloggie buds??

Five on Friday

Top 5 artists you have to own anything or everything you can afford by

Is this is wishlist type thing or five actual artists that I do own anything and everything by?

I'm going to go for a wish list because all of you know what my one and only answer will be on this. I only have room for one and it remains so:

ONE: JIM ADKINS/JIMMY EAT WORLD...pretty much anything and everything. I own it. Actually, I probably own two of them. Anything you can think of..even custom made stuff.

Two: Travis-I do own quite a collection of rares, live and other of Travis. Such a great band.

Three: Weezer-I don't own a lot of merch but would like to own some shirts and stuff. I'm just cheap/cheap :)

Four: Muse-same as above. I have cds, dvds and two shirts. They also made the cut to have a sticker on my car. Under Jimmy Eats, of course.

Five: Hole-Back in the day Courtney Love was my inspiration, motivation, life. She was the reason I purchased my first guitar, she was an inspiration to my art. I owned A LOT of Courtney stuff. Most of it I don't own anymore. I do still own my vintage Hole t shirt with the glitter heart.

♪ Per Your Request... ♪

This will be a mash up of items that I having running about in my head this morning as well as some answers to some burning questions I have been getting recently...

1/a: Firstly, I have been operating, for the last hour, under the notion that it is Wednesday. Well bloggie's, it is, in fact, NOT Wednesday. While in route to obtain some coffee I passed a foot doctor that rents out a room from my office on Thursdays. I gave him a look...then it hit me. It's Thursday!! Yay for Thursday!!

2/b: In response to the staples-on-the-right-side lady. I had a few folks ask if she was left handed. The answer is this: No. She is not AND even if she were left handed: No excuse.
Policy and procedures...only use black ink, can't wear jeans and staple on the left hand side because of charting. So again, no excuse. No special treatment here. Follow the rules and quit jamming up my scanner.

3/c: In a previous post I mentioned my favourite candies for easter season. I totally forgot to mention that this time of year marks Passover. During Passover we get Kosher Coca Cola!!!
Yummmmmmmmmm.. I'm a Coke kinda gal. Nothing I love more than an iced cold coca cola classic from the fountain with tons of ice. Plus, my daddy is a Coke man. So as Ma states: "Coke pays the bills". Yes, it does.

Coca Cola releases Kosher coke during Passover and this drink is as CLOSE to the original Coca Cola formula as you can legally get! It excludes the high fructose corn syrup and uses a spin of the original formula made with a more sugar and Carmel base. If you are looking to try it out it is only available in 2 liter bottles and can be spotted by the bright yellow cap with hebrew writing on the top. (see photo). When you pour it you will notice that it has way more fizzies than normal Coke. It's absurdly tasty and it was tough to find this year around my area. Luckily I have an "inside man" and I'm stocked up :)

So if you like Coke and want to try something cool check it out.

4/d: I had a few folks inquire about the Five for Five trade I did with my Bud Jess. We were to make five ATC's for each other with the prompt: Five Songs That Make Me Think of You. I posted pictures of the cards I made and listed the songs. A few people were asking what songs she picked; What songs remind her of me. Well here goes:
1. Clarity-Jimmy Eat World
2. I'ma Buy You A Drank-T Pain (yes, I'm serious. This is my JAM)
3. So Far, So Great-Demi Lavato (I also picked this song for her)
4. Poker Face-Lady Gaga (Another double)
5. Penny and Me-Hanson

and 5/e: Simply because I have not posted a picture in awhile and I heart my cats: Anthony Jr. with his favourite toy ♥

A WTF Wednesday...

Today seems like a great day to do WTF moments. I've had a few this week, anyone else?? Please share! Let me know I'm not alone! :)
Here goes:

Number one/a: Staples on the RIGHT side.

WHO does this?? I'll tell you who...an employee at my job. She prints reports that are often several pages long and she staples them.
Well thanks, that's nice.
BUT, she staples them on the RIGHT hand side!!!!
Drives me nuts. People get paper jams in the copy machine (then they get to ask me how to fix it because I sit behind the copier-which equates to me being copy machine matinence) because they are overlooked, I get jams in my scanner. We've asked her to stop. Still going strong! Seriously, why? Cut it out already.

Number two/b: Talking While Reading.
Why people?? If I am reading and you ask a quick question, sure, go for it...but to keep going, and going and going. Stop it. Especially when my answers are short and muffled and not interested. Sometimes I think I need my own special hole to live in at work. Somethings wrong with these people...haha.

Number three/c: Checking email, searching the net, while on the phone having a conversation.
If you need to do all of these items why did you call to talk? Don't you know that I need ALL of the attention? :)
Can't do two things at once?
Then don't.
I'll pass on that conversation.

Number four/d: Wrong numbers.
You pick up: "hello?"
Caller: "I got the wrong number" Click.

Also, those who leave a voicemail, blatantly, for Geoff. My message states: "Hi you have reached Penny...."
Yup, not Geoff.

Books and Music!

Let's talk about books and music:
play Music Memoirs HERE! or in my comments section :)

1. What is your favorite rock bio or autobiography? I actually don't read a lot of biographies. I guess I'm not normally interested in the artists much, more a "music" fan. The only autobio I can remember reading and being quite interested in it was Marilyn Manson's book: A Long Hard Road Out of Hell. Read this back in high school and it was super interesting. I mean just take a look at the man, how could he not be interesting??

2. What musician do you wish would write their life story? I'd like to hear more about Jim Adkins. Since I'm a superfan. Influences, stories behind the music, that sort of thing. Also, Eddie Vedder. That would be a very interesting bio. He's such a smart man.

3. If you could write a biography of an artist living or dead, who would it be and why? To be completely biased: Jim. He is my favourite subject :)


Patsy Cline. She's amazing.

"The Smell of You in Every Single Dream I Dream.."

I would say that 98% of all Train songs annoy me to the point of sticking sharp objects in my ear lobes but being as I am completely hopeless to good lyrics I am quite fond of their new track. Hey Soul Sister. Read on

Your lipstick stains, on the front lobe of my left side brains, I knew I wouldn't forget ya, and so I went and let you blow my mind.
Your sweet moon-beam, the smell of you in every single dream I dream.I knew when we collided, you're the one I have decided, Who's one of my kind.

Hey, Soul Sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo, The way you move ain't fair you know.Hey, Soul Sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you dooooo... Tonight.

Just in time, I´m so glad you have a one-track mind like me.You gave my life direction, A game show love connection, we can't deny... I´m so obsessed, my heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest.I believe in you, like a virgin you're Madonna, And I'm always gonna wanna blow your mind...

Hey, Soul Sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo, The way you move ain't fair you know.Hey, Soul Sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you dooooo... Tonight,

Way you can cut a rug, Watching you's the only drug I need. So gangster, I'm so thug, You're the only one I'm dreaming of you see.I can be myself now finally, In fact there's nothing I can't be, I want the world to see you be, with me,

Hey, Soul Sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo, The way you move ain't fair you know.Hey, Soul Sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight...

"I Kinda Heard You Singing.."

Worked on some really radical ATC's for my pal Phinner today. I am so excited to show them but it's a surprise so I have to wait to post them :)
Meanwhile...two musical ATC's I did today

♪ "Got lost in your eyes never really had a chance.." ♪
White Horse-T.Swift

♪ "fallin in love, my walkman and me.." ♪
With David Bowie-Veruca Salt

Sugar, Sweet, Honey, Pop...

♪ Top 5 Power Pop Songs ♪

Play in the comments section or play at the new Music Memoirs Blogspot

I'm going to make this slightly more current folks :)

Poker Face-Lady Gaga-yes...it will live forever.

Somebody to Love-Queen and/or George Michael version.

My Sherona-The Knack

Baby One More Time-Britney

Hey Mickey-Toni Basil. You can't deny it!

A Trade: Five Songs That Make Me Think of YOU.

The trade was official as of 930 am Wednesday morning. For Bud, our challenge was to create five ATC's of five different songs that remind "me" of "you".

Here are my submissions:
one: To the Moon and Back-Savage Garden
two: So Far So Great-Demi Lavato
three: Poker Face-The one, the only, Lady Gaga
four: Love bug-Jonas Brothers
five: Get It Faster-Jimmy Eat World

The Blogger Music Memoir!

Since this is music related I will say this: Anyone own Kris Allen's cd? I think he has the prettiest voice and I keep hearing little clips on the telly of his music during American Idol. I have to officially dig at least three songs on an album by a new artist before I purchase the entire album. So far, I have officially only heard "Live Like You Were Dying". So anyone?? Thoughts??
Now that is settled, on with the Musical Memoirs. They are at a new address so if you want to play along do so in my comment section OR visit them HERE

Tuesday Tunes!
We're going to do word association: give us the first band/album/song you think of when you see these letters
L ast Kiss-Pearl Jam
U 2-One "you ask me for forgiveness and then you make me crawl...and I can't keep holding on to what you got, when all you got is hurt"
Cake-Let Me Go
K ris Allen-Alright With Me-really sorta loving this song.

O asis-Talk Tonight
F rightened Rabbit-The Winter of Mixed Drinks and a live show in April

T ravis
Here Comes Your Man-The Pixies
E verybody Hurts-REM

If You Don't, Don't-Jim Adkins-sigh
'Rich, rich, beautiful" Beautiful Dirty Rich-Lady Gaga
Im Ready, I Am-The Format
Sing for Absolution-Muse
H ear You Me-Jimmy Eat World - not my fav. song by them but it was the first thing I thought of.

"are you dizzy yet?"

tiny dancer-elton john

dizzy-jimmy eat world

disintegration-jimmy eat world

"WTF Moments"

I have two WTF moments from this morning. They both happened before 9 am this morning. We discussed a few weeks ago that I was asked to donate some cupcakes for a dinner to raise money for the Humane Society of my county. I happily agreed and signed up to give four dozen. I got them set to go last night-green and white swirled with a green paw print on top and sprinkles (green was the color theme). I was told by the Humane Society to drop off said cakes between 8 and 3 today. Well I decided I needed some fresh coffee in my life this morning so I would go deliver said cakes and pop into a shop for coffee.

It's been raining all morning so I arrive at Humane Society at 9:30 am, park and run up to the main entrance. The door is CLOSED and locked. Hmmm.. So I walk around the side of the building to a second entrance. Locked. I am soaked at this point and the bottom of my pants are getting muddy (I am very, very short so usually my pants run a smidge long). I see two ladies in a window on the front of the building on their lap tops. I knock on the window and point to the two giant boxes of cupcakes I am holding. The lady shakes her head NO and says: You can't come in.

I don't want to come in. I want to give you these cakes and get back into my car and go get my freakin' coffee. I yell: DONATION. She opens the door and gives me the shittiest look she can muster up. I explain I was told to drop the cakes off between 8-3 and I gave her the name of the person I talked to. She takes the cakes and states: "I don't know what you want me to do with these".
Okay. I explain again. She then states: "I guess I'll make sure someone gets them". Then she shuts the door.

Okay. WTF?

I didn't want a red carpet or an award but how about a little common courtesy, less rudeness and maybe a 'Thank you' for helping.

This is the SECOND time I have donated there and the people are shitty. I donate for the animals not the people but it still bothers me. No wonder I like my cats more than I like most people.

Second WTF moment. My company had our big monthly meeting yesterday. A select few rebels at my job decided that they would blatantly disobey our dress code and wear jeans, whenever they felt like it. This has gone on for two months or more. Finally it was addressed at said meeting. Only no one was reprimanded they compromised stating that all employees were allowed to wear "nice" jeans on pay day Friday only.
Well firstly: I work in medical. We are all required to wear scrubs. If we had to walk around in panty hose and suits and skirts and heels all week I could completely understand the desire to wear jeans once a week as a break, but SCRUBS? Scrubs are like Jammies (pj's). Why the Eff' would you want to not wear scrubs to work??

Secondly, you can wear jeans but you have to wear a scrub top with it. Well that's not weird at all.

Thirdly, I come in today and four of our nurses have tight ass, low rise jeans on. Does any one else see the ODD in this?? My nurse shouldn't look like she just left Fur Night Club after a night of drinks. It just looks trashy and unprofessional.

I swear, more and more I feel as if I work for Ringling Brothers Circus.

So here you are: WTF folks?

A Lesson in Contradiction

Hello folks! Today's post is brought to you by:
[a statement or proposition that contradicts or denies another or itself and is logically incongruous.]

Firstly: At some point in the next two months Easter will be here. (sorry, I'm not aware of the actual date, I don't celebrate easter). All I know is that Easter comes about and all the really GOOD candy comes out. I don't normally eat candy but Easter candy makes my mouth water. My favourites are the following:

number one/a: Robin Eggs-malted egg shaped balls of goodness.

number two/b: PEEPS- I love, love, love peeps. I know they sell them year round now but it's not the same. I only buy them at Easter.

number three/c: Chocolate covered Peeps-These are new and OMG....

number four/d: Reese peanut butter eggs-Ten times more tasty/delicious than the normal Reese cup. This is because the harder edges around the cup are non-existent on the egg. It's smoother and packed with PB.

number five/e: THE CADBURY CREME EGG- ps. It's smaller now. Bastards.

What are your favourites?

Now for the contradiction.
Looking for some great tunes for working out?? I usually post some of my currently listening playlists from my itunes every now and again and with all this talk of candy I suppose I ought to do this now :)

See, I'm like a Good Housekeeping magazine. Page three is "Ten Ways to Get Fit"and then the following page is a recipe for triple chocolate of death cake.

My currently listening: for the upbeat

-Rude Boy-Rihanna
-Down-Jay Sean
-Tik Tok-Ke$ha
-Summerboy-Lady Gaga
-Beautiful Dirty Rich-Lady Gaga
-Best Days of Your Life-Kellie Pickler
-Clarity-Jimmy Eat World
-Stockholm Syndrome-Muse
-Evacuate the Dance Floor-Cascada

and for the mellow:
-The Winter of Mixed Drinks-Frightened Rabbit [album]-INTENSE. Do it.
-Here Comes Your Man-The Pixies

"Lost My Muchness"

I'm sorry if I have been neglecting any of my bloggy friends. I have not had any time to get on and really read through a lot of the blogs I follow. Some of them I read through at lunch time at work and a few of you have been blocked by our server now for some reason or another. This means I have to catch up with you (Beckeye and Malcolm) at home. I have limited time on the computer at home. Been pretty busy and had a super busy/exciting weekend. I had a lovely breakfast outing with my Bud on Saturday morning. Afterwards we went craft shopping where I purchased some new stamps and watercolors. In the early evening I went to see Alice! It was so amazing. I loved everything about it, but then again, I knew I would. I am pretty sure I am going to see it again with my parents and Brudder this Saturday.

I got a lot of craft stuff accomplished this weekend. I did two ATC's-shown in the post below this one. I painted two other ATC's for a trade I am in the process of with my Bud. I made a sign for my master loo that is decorated in Nightmare Before Christmas. I also, finally, finally, finally purchased a black and white scrapbook and organized my black and white shots for a coffee table book of my photography I have been talking about putting together for ages. The steal of the day: My scrapbook = on clearance for $3.80.

I even put together a new Blog for my black and white photos. I had an old angelfire site devoted to this but it was very unorganized and I don't even remember my login and password to add stuff. I decided to just compile the stuff on the blog. The link for the new blog is on the right hand side if you are interested in taking a gander :)
Hope everyone is having a great week!

The Twist

The Twist-Frightened Rabbit

Stay Beautiful-Taylor Swift

History in the Making!

Top 5 On Friday - Week 233
Top 5 concert experiences

This is gonna be a long one folks..but I promise you, interesting..

Number one/a: We are going to go WAaaaaaaaaaaY back for this one. My first concert ever was at the age of 8. My (then) best friend's Ma bought tickets to New Kids on the Block! I had to really do some coaxing with my Ma to let me go because there was a small issue with the tickets. My bff had seats with an aunt and they couldn't get the last two tickets together...so it was me and my bff's older brother (about 14 years old) in a complete other section. Thankfully, she trusted bff's Bro to watch over me and agreed to let me go. It was craziness. We went to a really awesome Chinese restaurant where you sat on the floor and removed your shoes and I tried my first Egg Drop soup. Afterwards we arrived at the venue. My bff was being a little bitch because her cousins were around and she was sort of ignoring me. Bro hung out with me..what a nice guy.

At the show, the opener was Perfect Gentleman ( hahahahaha..classy boys) and then my bff's Bro saw a friend in another section that was actually closer to the stage so we moved up!! I don't remember much of the show to be honest. I only remember moving up and then leaving the venue. There were all of these shady men outside selling t-shirts for dirt cheap. I had some spending money in my back pocket. So I went to fish it out to pay for a cheap-o shirt (I was cheap even as a child...) and a really radical sticker book and my money was GONE!! I was devastated! I really wanted that radical sticker book. I was so bummed that my bff's Bro told his Ma, when we arrived at the van, that she should give me back the money that I lost. I declined this, saying it wasn't necessary I was just upset I couldn't get a sticker book. When we finally arrived back home I changed into my pj's and found my freaking money!! It was crammed into the back pocket on the side, kind of stuck there. I guess in my frantic search I didn't feel it there.

Still didn't get that radical sticker book but it was a good time anyway.

Number two/b: Probably one of the coolest gigs I have ever attended would have to be a FREE show in Rockville. Rockville, Maryland does a "Rockville Day". They shut a few streets down and have a local band play and have games and food and fun all day outside. The cool thing is you can BYOB. (By B I mean-Beverage-as I do not partake in alcohol). My parents had not gone to a gig in years so we convinced them to drive up with us. We packed a cooler of snacks and beverages-Beer for the boys, Coca Cola for the gals and headed up. The band that year was one of me and Hubs favs: Hootie and the Blowfish. Mark (guitar player) is from Rockville so they were the featured band that year. Hubs and I have seen Hootie play probably 16 times or more. Before you start bitching about mainstream and societal norms I will say this: Hootie is so much more than "Let Her Cry". They are great musicians, awesome lyricists, and they are phenom. live. Give them a second go if you have hatred in your heart. Maybe you won't be sorry you did.

Anyway, attended the show and the band played for about two and half hours and it was incredibly B.A. It was General Admin and open spaced and people were dancing and just feeling it. Great venue to see Hootie. So much better than their normal venue of Wolf Trap in VA.

Number three/c: I would have to say Warped Tour of 2005. I was volunteering for Fanscape. I would attend gigs (for free), take a bunch of cool cds or stickers or promo items and pass them out and photograph the event. I would also write a report on the experience. I was asked to do Warped Tour and be the Team Leader..basically meaning I had more perks than the other workers. I talked my Field Rep into letting Hubs come along and work along side me. She agreed. We stayed in a hotel in VA because we had to report to the venue SUPER early. Upon arrival, we parked in employee parking..right in between two tour buses.

The Field Rep got us together and took most of the new comers over to work at a booth for Fanscape giving out samples of Gatorade or something. FR knew that I was a fan of My Chemical Romance so she assigned Hubs and I to go work for Alternative Press magazine for the whole day. The FR was told that MCR may be doing a signing that day and she knew I would love to work for them.

We were to run autograph sessions and do bitch work for bands like Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack and Avenged Sevenfold. We also had to sell a year long magazine subscription for $5. This basically sold itself. It was very HOT outside. I arranged a schedule for a new volunteer, Hubs and I to have breaks to see bands we like perform. I took a break long enough to see MCR perform. After two autograph sessions and a SOLD OUT magazine we packed up the tent and were free to roam. We had VIP passes since we worked for AP/Fanscape for the day. We walked to the main stage. Fall Out Boy and Offspring were about to perform. We attempted to go "back stage" and the small fry security guard said we would need VIP-VIP passes to get back there. Bummed we started to walk away to watch Fall Out Boy from the side stage and we run into Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance. He was on his way back stage to play back up bass on a Fall Out Boy song. We all started chatting and he told us to come with him. We went back to Small Fry and Mikey said: "They are with me"....and we got in :) I got to meet Patrick of Fall Out Boy and Rob got to meet Travis Barker and Dexter Holland and a bunch of other folks.

At the end of the FOB performing I was hot and tired so we headed back to our car and who do you suppose is parked next to us?? Fall Out Boy. After this of course we got stuck in a three hour wait to leave the venue...Note to self-employee parking is not necessarily a "Good Thing".

Number four/d: We attended DC 101's Chili Cookoff in 2000 (I think). A band I am really fond of was playing: Stroke Nine. We ended up worked the venue (of course..always working) but this does have perks: free drinks. During Stroke Nine's performance I was miffed because I tower at the great height of Five foot NOTHING. So I couldn't see anything. We left the fenced off streets and went to a rando bank on the side of the main stage. We could see perfectly! Stroke Nine was pretty rocking. I really wanted to meet the lead singer: Luke but we didn't get the opportunity. We had aftershow tickets to Matchbox Twenty at the 930 Club. We arrived there and while watching the show who walks up to stand right beside me?? Luke of Stroke Nine. Got to meet him after all and both shows were pretty radical!

Number five/e: I have so many Jimmy Eat World shows to choose from but I think I would have to say by far, the BESTest, best gig would have to be the Philly show last year. I had free tickets and a rental car with XM radio. I am a sucker for a road trip and a musical compilation. Hubs and I had a blast driving to the show. We arrived and jammed out to Clarity in it's entirety. Afterwards got to see a few friends that were also at the show and got to see My Jim. *sigh* There weren't a lot of people around so we had great time hanging out and talking. Full of jokes that night. The stuff greatness is made of.

Thanks for reading if you lasted this long! Happy Friday!

The Hub Bub..

Whats new with everyone??

Right now I am really digging the song Nothing Like You by Frightened Rabbit from their new album Winter of Mixed Drinks. Can't wait for the full release of the new album next week!
I'm a little disappointed in the new season of 16 and Pregnant. These new girls seem so much more immature and ignorant. Or maybe I just miss the old gals..after two seasons of watching. Also, noted: All of the new girls have excessive use of the word: "like". As in: "Like I didn't like use any like protection because like he didn't like want to". Wow. Upon confirmation, Hubs told me that majority of teens at school do, in fact, speak like this. What's happened??

Since we are on telly and I just "yahoo'ed" something and in the lower right hand corner I see an advert that says: You've waited nine months to see Jim and Pam's baby! Well the wait is over...
I am reporting that not only is "the wait" over, but, I am OVER the Office. It has gotten so far away from the original set up which was a copy of the BBC version. They should just add really cheesy music to the back ground and call it the Jim and Pam show. It's just not funny to me anymore. My husband is still a loyal fan but I feel like the network did that typical crap networks do to shows to make them shit. Much like House...The recipe: Add love interest...Bring in a new character that is going to bring down the company!!! And/Or the main character!!!.... Add nausea.

It's shit. I don't know maybe I'm the only one who actually would watch the show for the other really talented actors/characters that are now, never, featured. OVER it folks. OVER. Have fun with your ONE HOUR birthing episode.

Anyone watching The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO? I am in love with this show. My only issue: I wish it were longer! If you are a fan of Ricky's podcasts you will love this show. It's basically just a podcast put to cartoons.

Super excited for Alice in Wonderland. I have blogged about my madness for Alice before. I was even Alice for Halloween this year. Love the book, this was my favourite Disney movie since I was a small child and into my adult years. So you can imagine it's a pretty BIG deal to me :)

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