Hey Mr. DJ..

Awesome night of bargain bin shopping last night with Amber! I have not seen her since January some time so our din din and shopping was long over due. We found some excellent stampies. I love a dollar bin stamp. The price is out of this world and sometimes, if you dig hard enough, you find the coolest stuff in there!

On to the Music Memoir...play along in the comments if you like or play here..

Top 5 On Friday : Week 231

Top 5 songs you loved until they were overplayed.

1. Waking up in Vegas-Katy Perry. This is saying a lot because I really don't enjoy Ms. Perry at all...then the tune was so freaking infectious I started getting into it and then radio decided they would play it every ten minutes. Stop it!

2. Pokerface-Lady Gaga-Okay...I loves me Our Lady of the Ga..I remember really taking to Pokerface. So much so that I must have played it a million times in a row and now I tend to skip this one.

3. Three-Britney Spears-It was catchy at first listen..but Stop it already. Just stop it!

4. Love Story-Taylor Swift-Loved the whole cd when I bought it on release day. I believe my local radio still has this on repeat.

5. Use Somebody-Kings of Leon-I think I liked this song for about 3 seconds then it was overkill. Lead singer is nice to look at though. If you watch the music videos just mute it.


The Bumbles February 19, 2010 at 1:18 PM  

Ingrid Michaelson's song Maybe. I really liked it. And then it was played over and over and over to the point where I'm not really sure that in the future he ever will come back to her.

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