For Every Penny That You Could...

Guess what? No snow this weekend!! Very thankful for the small break. I was able to get out and shoot some pictures yesterday, even though it was freezing.

Just finished two new ATC's that were inspired by my favourite song. Ever. In the whole world. It's called If You Don't, Don't. By Jimmy Eat World (of course). I have always loved it. I even have a line from this song tattooed on my wrist. This song means a great deal to me. I had so many things I wanted to convey with song and not enough room to do so on one ATC so I decided to complete two. The first is very complex. It is three of photos, shot by me, layered together and photographed again. Hopefully you, the viewer can draw your own conclusion as to the meaning of the lyric and the photos.

The second part to If You Don't, Don't looks simple. It's not. It means a lot to me and it speaks volumes..and it speaks loudly. Too bad, you, the viewer, must find what it means to you :)
A little tid-bit: The yellow around the red heart is made from my fingertips by pressing :)

Finally, for Sergey's photo challenge I give you these: Cross out LIFECYCLE.


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