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Top 5 On Friday Week 232

Top 5 favorite mellow songs.

I think the Meme Mistress reads my mind...spppoooky..

This couldn't have come at a better time. I needs me some mellow in my life right this instance. Here goes:

Number one/a: Raindrop Prelude-Chopin (this is beautiful. Every note sounds like a raindrop)

Number two/b: Everyday-Dave Matthews-This song makes me relaxed and it ALWAYS makes me smile.

Number three/c: Table for Glasses-Jimmy Eat World-It's epic when you are really listening-the way it arcs by the bridge but if you are just listening to listen it's very mellow.

Number four/d: I'm Yours-Jason Mraz-How mellow can you get, if not with Mr. Mraz??

Number five/e: Three Little Birds-Bob Marley. Love this to relax too.

Now I should go do myself a favor and listen to ALL of these songs. On repeat.

Happy Friday!


ATC (Artist Trading Card) The Music February 27, 2010 at 10:41 AM  

Great songs!! I'm gonna listen to them all while I'm getting ready to go out this morning!!

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