Holy Cake Order!!

This order was a really radical concept thought of by the family of the customer. For "Nonna's" Birthday party he wanted a 10 inch round cake with 12 corresponding cupcakes. The 10 inch would have a 49 Red Dodge Pick up because Nonna loved this vehicle. The cupcakes were to each have a symbolic item sculpted from fondant to represent a piece of Nonna's life.

These are a few of the cupcakes. From the front-back we have a brown pupping with piped paw prints. Pup is made from fondant. Cake 2 is a cupcake representing Nonna's love of gardening-three violets and a lady bug made from royal icing. Cake 3-A license plate with "NONNA" on it to represent her love of old pickups. Cake 4-a small girl cutout with "M" on the dress-to represent her grand daughter. Cake 5-Small boy cutout out with "L" on shirt-representing grandson Cake six-A giant music note to represent love of music.

Cake 8-A purple rose (buttercream icing) and a lady bug-More representation of love of Gardening. Cake 9-Tennis rackets and tennis balls-Love of Tennis. Cake 10-A Whistle with the word "Sis" on top-this is a representation of her father who was in law enforcement and a nickname of hers. Cake 10 and 11-A black cat with paw prints and a grey pup with paw prints. All pieces made of fondant.

This next cake was ordered at last minute due to an increase in party guests. I made an 8X3 Red Velvet round cake to represent her love of gardens and gardening. The flowers are a combo of buttercream icing and royal. Vines done in buttercream. The wooden sign reads: Nonna's Garden-made from fondant. The mini spade- is made from fondant as well. Random bugs are made from color flow.

Every Little Thing, Is Gonna Be Alright..

Top 5 On Friday Week 232

Top 5 favorite mellow songs.

I think the Meme Mistress reads my mind...spppoooky..

This couldn't have come at a better time. I needs me some mellow in my life right this instance. Here goes:

Number one/a: Raindrop Prelude-Chopin (this is beautiful. Every note sounds like a raindrop)

Number two/b: Everyday-Dave Matthews-This song makes me relaxed and it ALWAYS makes me smile.

Number three/c: Table for Glasses-Jimmy Eat World-It's epic when you are really listening-the way it arcs by the bridge but if you are just listening to listen it's very mellow.

Number four/d: I'm Yours-Jason Mraz-How mellow can you get, if not with Mr. Mraz??

Number five/e: Three Little Birds-Bob Marley. Love this to relax too.

Now I should go do myself a favor and listen to ALL of these songs. On repeat.

Happy Friday!

"You Don't Have to Scream To Say Something That You Honestly Mean.."

Last night, TRAGEDY.

My mixer died.

I had just mixed batter for a red velvet cake and popped it in the oven. I was working on several batches of butter cream icing in order to prepare for the decoration task I have to do on Friday night. The right beater stopped beating. So I unhooked it and kept going. Then the mixer started to smoke. I quickly turned it off and promptly threw it in the bin. Oh well.

Another thing I need to purchase. Did I mention I bought a Shark Steam mop awhile back. I have hard wood floors in my whole house. I love the Shark. I have had to replace it twice already and it has died AGAIN...What is going on Shark?? I think I will be writing them a strongly worded email. They are like eighty bucks and I don't want to keep throwing that out everytime it decides it doesn't want to work anymore. I get appliances have a shelf life but really....6 months tops I have had this new Shark.

As for work, seriously, I hit a point where I need a recharge and reflect. Anyone ever have those weeks? You just don't want to speak to anyone??? Yup, I'm there right now.

*blog title: jim adkins-no sensitivity

Fondant Sneak Peak!

Pretty excited about two things:

Number one/a:My new bloggie/email buddy Phinner

She's amazing.

Number two/b: I was just asked to donate cupcakes to my local Humane Society. They are doing a Top Dog Dance. I glad to donate! I love all animals and I love cake deco so this is puuuurrrfect for me.
Pardon my pun :)

This evening I am commited to finishing up some fondant pieces for the Hot Cakey Mess due on Saturday. Fondant takes awhile to dry and if it isn't done properly it will be droopy. So I must get these finished tonight. I may even go ahead and jump the gun and bake the two big cakes due so all I will have to do on Friday is fill them, ice and decorate. I will post pictures of the finished product but here is a teaser of two of the fondant pieces I already finished.
Happy Hump Day Folks..


kitty cat

So Over It..

What a freaking week so far! It's only Tuesday!! I woke up late today. I've been so tired in the mornings. Usually not like me. I have a massive cake order to do for Saturday. One that requires sculpted fondant pieces that I have already begun working on. I am a little stressed out. I tend to stress over looming activities. I think after this complicated mess I am going to be finished with working with private people for cake orders. It's not worth it.
Here's why:
-It's SO complicated.
-I am never paid enough...everyone wants it on the cheap but they don't realize the amount of work, thought, prep and even delivery hassle that goes into these things.
-People are crazy.

Yup. So unless you are VIP or you are ordering through my caterer lady you will not be getting a cake from me. I'm over it.

And now for something completely different......................

Tuesday Tunes: Week 122
Create a musical Olympics!

Tell us what kinds of competitions there would be in your games:

Ability to hear a random song the artist has never played before and play it from ear.

Most radical guitar solo:

Most radical guitar riff:

Create a first verse and chorus in 3 minutes or less:
Most creative cover:

Best vocals:

My Summer, Summer Boy..

Always Be-Jimmy Eat World

Summerboy-Lady Gaga

Yum in the Tum

Red Roses for a Sorority party catered by Frantastic Catering. I made 36 Red Rose cakes because the ladies used the red rose as their symbol.

The two tones blue cakes were just a little fun cake for Hubs to take into work with him on Monday. I spoil his students and coworkers :)

Hey Mr. DJ..

Awesome night of bargain bin shopping last night with Amber! I have not seen her since January some time so our din din and shopping was long over due. We found some excellent stampies. I love a dollar bin stamp. The price is out of this world and sometimes, if you dig hard enough, you find the coolest stuff in there!

On to the Music Memoir...play along in the comments if you like or play here..

Top 5 On Friday : Week 231

Top 5 songs you loved until they were overplayed.

1. Waking up in Vegas-Katy Perry. This is saying a lot because I really don't enjoy Ms. Perry at all...then the tune was so freaking infectious I started getting into it and then radio decided they would play it every ten minutes. Stop it!

2. Pokerface-Lady Gaga-Okay...I loves me Our Lady of the Ga..I remember really taking to Pokerface. So much so that I must have played it a million times in a row and now I tend to skip this one.

3. Three-Britney Spears-It was catchy at first listen..but Stop it already. Just stop it!

4. Love Story-Taylor Swift-Loved the whole cd when I bought it on release day. I believe my local radio still has this on repeat.

5. Use Somebody-Kings of Leon-I think I liked this song for about 3 seconds then it was overkill. Lead singer is nice to look at though. If you watch the music videos just mute it.

"Radical Digs!"

I am super excited as of late because I have to new finds to share that have become fast favourites!

Number one/a: American Pickers. This show comes on the History Channel and it is incredible!! It follows Mike Wolfe-who owns Antique Archaeology and his work partner Frank on the road. These guys go from town to town finding old houses and JUNK. They dig throw mud, dirty, sheds, barns, attics, they have crawled under stairs and stages, they get filthy, dirty all in the name of finding the ultimate antique or collectable. The cool thing that sets this show apart from the others is the amazing people Mike and Frank meet along the way. They all have a story and history and amazing personalities that really connect the viewer. I can't get enough of the show and I look forward to it each week. Plus, I think Mike Wolfe is seriously like the raddest dude around. Plus he drives an old skool VW bus. Super rad. So if you like antiques and history, check this show out!

Number two/b: Michael Crichton. Apparently I'm late to the party, but then again, I'm always late. For everything. A few weeks ago we discusssed a book list that hubs had given me from his school. On this list I highlighted some items that seemed of interest and I went to the library to do get a few. One of these was Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton. I have never had an interest for sci-fi books. I saw this book and I decided to just give it chance. Go in with an open mind, try something new and different. I was running out of really good book ideas anyway, it was FREE because it came from the library and no pressure. If I hated it, at least I tried and just return it without second thought. Well that night I borrowed three books from the library, Andromeda being one. I saved it for last. I read it in one day. It was the most interesting of all of the three books I borrowed. It was intense, fast paced, super inthralling. I didn't want to put it down and I basically didn't. I was sad to see it come to an end.

The best part of this story is that Michael Crichton has a ton of books I have not read! I went to the libray this Tuesday and picked up three more-Disclosure, State of Fear and A Case of Need.

I really wanted to read Jurassic Park. This was a favourite of mine growing up. I still like dinosaurs, even in my twenties. They are so rad. Unfortunately my library didn't carry JP. I put an inner library loan request out and I got a call yesterday on my way home that it had come in. I immediately stopped by and picked it up, have already started it and am currently on page 105. I didn't want to stop reading last evening..but I had to sleep so I could function today :)

So those are my new finds and favs! Anyone else have a recent new find or fav?

Longest Week Ever...

Pretty busy weekend and week coming up. I have an order to fill for four dozen cupcakes, topped with a red rose. For anyone who has done Wilton and/or can make a butter cream rose on the rose nail you will feel my pain. Thats going to be fun.

Next week I have a 10X3 round due with a dozen cupcakes. It's for a birthday party. I have to use frozen butter cream method to create an old skool pick up truck on the top of the round. The cupcakes will all be topped with hand sculpted items that are relevant to the birthday girls life. Should be interesting. I get to make little fondant records, puppies, tennis equipment and who knows what else. I'll be sure to post some pics when I have the finished product!

This weekend I also have a date. With Leonardo Dicaprio. Yes, you heard me. Leo is second to Tom Hanks in my house. He's that important. I have been stoked about Shutter Island's release since I first heard about it early LAST year. I am a fan of Dennis Lehane's writing. I read Gone Baby Gone and Mystic River and while rummaging through some books I found Sutter Island. The cover wasn't very appealing but I like Lehane so I purchaed the book. Ended up devouring it! Loved it! Early last year while reading my weekly porn-Entertainment Weekly and it was announced that Marty Scorsese was making Shutter Island with none other than Leo. I returned to the book and gave it a second go around...this time reading it with my Ma. Such a great read, even the second time around. I was very sad to hear that they pushed the release date from November to this Friday...but alas, the date has come!

I realize I jumping the gun at this point. It's only Wednesday and already I am talking about weekend plans. I just want this week to be over. I have no motivation this month! Hope everyone else in bloggy land has more luck with the motive!

Tuesday Tunes-Papparazzi!

Tuesday Tunes: Week 121

Play along HERE or in the comment section!

If you could interview one band/artist who would it be? Jim Adkins or Matt Bellamy. Cause I lovessss them.

What kind of questions would you ask? Random questions that have never been asked before, like: top five fav. books, whats your favorite quote?, If you had to pick a theme song for your life right this instance which song would it be?, what's your favorite thing to do when you have no obligations and free time?, what movie could you watch over and over again and never get sick of?, One artist that makes you cringe, Whats the weirdest hobby you have?, If you could interview one person who would it be?, fav food to eat/cook? How was the experience of creating your own guitar?, If you were a hot dog would you eat yourself?...you know, RANDO stuff....

What magazine/paper would you work for? Probably Spin or Rolling Stone. No AP for me.

What about you?

Crazy Rad..

While surfing a bloggie friends space I found this link: Photofunia

It's pretty radical...here is the product of my boredom!

For Every Penny That You Could...

Guess what? No snow this weekend!! Very thankful for the small break. I was able to get out and shoot some pictures yesterday, even though it was freezing.

Just finished two new ATC's that were inspired by my favourite song. Ever. In the whole world. It's called If You Don't, Don't. By Jimmy Eat World (of course). I have always loved it. I even have a line from this song tattooed on my wrist. This song means a great deal to me. I had so many things I wanted to convey with song and not enough room to do so on one ATC so I decided to complete two. The first is very complex. It is three of photos, shot by me, layered together and photographed again. Hopefully you, the viewer can draw your own conclusion as to the meaning of the lyric and the photos.

The second part to If You Don't, Don't looks simple. It's not. It means a lot to me and it speaks volumes..and it speaks loudly. Too bad, you, the viewer, must find what it means to you :)
A little tid-bit: The yellow around the red heart is made from my fingertips by pressing :)

Finally, for Sergey's photo challenge I give you these: Cross out LIFECYCLE.

A Heart Day Music Memoir

Top 5 On Friday: Week 230
Top 5 songs that get you through the Valentine's holiday.

I don't really participate in Valentines Day. Never really have. It's just a day, with tons of chocolate (that I don't need) that costs tons of money (which I don't want to spend) and if you go out there are tons of people (and I hate waiting). I think back in college when I was a server at a resturant Valentines Day was ruined for me. It was the single, WORST, day all year to work. There was a wait from opening to close, the kitchen always got backed up, people were pissed, nothing would go right and you were hating life by the end of the night. I remember my last Valentines day that I ever worked as a server, three of my fellow servers were CRYING by the end of the night. Out of frustration. haha..you have to look back and laugh at that...

So now that I have given this really long winded answer I will just tell you my top 5 favourite LOVE songs instead. Regardless of V day or not :)

number one/a: If You Don't, Don't-Jimmy Eat World. -it has a pretty sad ending but it's still incredibly sweet and I have always been in love with that song.

number two/b: Fearless-Taylor Swift-this song is just freaking cute. It's simple and just plain sweet and cute and to the point.

number three/c: Starlight-Muse-Matt Bellamy writes one hell of a love song. Always.

number four/d: Just Like Heaven-The Cure-I always sigh when I hear this.

number five/e: Flowers in the Window-Travis-Sigh worthy and cute.

What are yours?

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