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Today I actually thought it was Wednesday and then realized after arriving at work it is, indeed, Thursday. This has brightened my day significantly. Last evening I had to cut out 55 hearts from fondant and prep for my big order. I am in cohoots with a local caterer who decided to farm out her treat portion of work to me : ) On the bill: Five dozen cupcakes. In chocolate, butter and red velvet, all with home made butter cream icing. Theme: Valentines day. Mamma's gotta make that Ca-Ca-Cash....

I am feeling extra excited and extra thankful today so I decided to do a post on the Stuff I Love Right Now....I have done this in the past and it's good to update..since a woman has a mind to change..

So here it goes:

1. This guy

2. Fly Farm Blues and Death Letter by Jack White-Seriously amazing musician. He's so eccentric that he just comes off as so eff'in cute.

3. Teem Mom-Sad to see it end. Looked forward to Wednesday nights watching it from my DVR. Hope they do a season three. Just heard they are doing a new season of 16 and Pregnant as well. Will be adding that to my Scheduled Recordings

4. MS Paint Buddy-Gracccccccciiiiieeee-I heart Grace. She always makes me laugh. We share our mad MS Paint skills with each other via the internet. Here is a classic

5. Mcdonalds Coffee-They need this to come in supa dupa size.

6. My Cricut/Craft projects-Didn't think I would use this as much as I am lately. Loving it. So nice and simple and neat. Loving that I'm painting more and more.

7. Just Like Heaven-The Cure-Learned this on my guitar the other day. Sat outside at lunch with Jess and played this together. Good Times -GT

8. Adventures on Saturday Morning-love the waking up early, the organization, mapping out, great finds, searching for the next big thing, hanging out with hubs and one of my b.f.s (russ), taking photographs and being completely spoiled. Love it.

9. The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO. Can't wait. Starts February 19th. Just downloaded his new Audiobook. Guide to the Future. Have not listened yet. Maybe I'll do that now.....

10. ATC The Music site. Love this site, love doing cards for it.

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Richard @ The Bewildered Brit January 28, 2010 at 9:39 PM  

Funnily enough, I've just been trying to figure out how to place Just Like Heaven on the harmonica! :)

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