"No Sensitiviy.."

Before I start with Music Memoirs today I would like to tell you a funny little story that made me go "hmmmmmm" yesterday.

My desk faces the back of the main copy machine. I have discussed this with you on several occasions. For those who do not remember our talk I will remind you that all day in my office people come and go to make copies/fax items. While making copies/faxing the person is left staring at me...because my desk faces the machine. It's awkward and often I feel like a Walm@rt greeter. The office has two entrance ways. One door leads to my desk. The other door leads to the copy machine area. You can not get from my desk to the copier. There are supplies and B.S. blocking the way. Basically, I can look at the copy machine but not use it, unless I get up, go out of my door, walk two feet to the other door and enter the office from that side. Does this make sense?? I promise there is a point..

So a doctor comes to the copy machine yesterday and is holding in his paw..roughly five sheets of paper. He stares at me. Naturally. I say: "Hello". He replies, while leaning on the copy machine: "Could you make a copy of these papers for me?".

Well...I was slightly confused. He was standing...no...leaning on the copy machine...Make your own freaking copies!! I gave him a look of "Get the Eff' Outta here" and when he didn't seem to catch on I proceeded to go out of my door and walk into the other door to make his stupid copy. While he watched. ?????WTF???....Now wait....., he didn't watch..he went to his office!!!! Leaving me to then Deliver the copy I had just made him. Wow.....is all I have to say. I wanted to ask him if he was spoiled or just didn't know how to use the copy machine. Redick.


So onto Music Memoirs. Play HERE if you want!
Top 5 On Friday: Week 228

Top 5 one hit wonders

I take slight issue with this label of "one hit wonder". I was looking at One Hit Wonder Central to see what they had listed and a lot of the artists listed really are not one hit wonders. Maybe they had one hit on the POP charts..but they went on to be quite successful. *cough, cough*


With this said: Here I go:
Number one/a: I'm Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)-The Impalas
Number two/b: Why Do Fools Fall In Love-Frankie Lymon- He had SO many great songs...totally worth checking out!
Number three/c: Shboom-The Chords-What a great song! Makes me smile everytime I hear it!
Number four/d: Blowing Me Up With Your Love-JC Chasez-This song is B A. It is also an amazing song to work out to. It just kicks so much pop music ass. Shame he didn't go large in the pop world as a soloist.
Number five/e: Turn the Radio Up-Autograph. Reminds me of childhood..when music was a huge part of my life..even then :)

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The Bumbles January 29, 2010 at 12:52 PM  

That has happened to me before. We have lots of people who don't work in this location but come here for meetings. So every now and then one of them will stop by my desk, drop a stack of handouts and tell me they need 20 copies pronto. To which I tell them they should talk to the receptionist since I don't work for the office - I work for one of the salesmen. They always look so offended. I don't give a rat's ass.

Anyhooo - I no longer have my copier nemesis on the other side of my cubicle wall!!! It was moved a few days ago to live across the office with the other copier where it won't disturb anyone. Now I wait for the new person they are putting in the cube instead. Here's hoping they are quieter and less demanding!

As for 1 Hit Wonders - are they supposed to be songs that I like or just ones that I think of? Such as I Ran by Flock of Seagulls - or Walkin' on Sunshine by Catriona & The Waves. How about All I Need by Jack Wagner? Wow - some really crappy 80's tunes that live in my brain.

Penny January 29, 2010 at 1:42 PM  

A and M Ooooo Good that you are copier free!!
My hope is one day they will move the beast that I must face....

Great list of songs by the way! jack Wagner was so B.A!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit January 29, 2010 at 11:02 PM  

Oooooh! What a knobend! What a total knobend! I've had people try to do that to me before. I wanted to slap them. With a wet kipper!

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