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Top 5 albums from the last decade that shaped your life

1. Clarity-Jimmy Eat World-Every song means something to me, special. The meanings have changed and continue to change and I STILL play this album in heavy rotation all the time. It's probably my most favourite album ever.

2. Hole -Live Through This- I know that this was out prior to this past decade but it really did shape my life.

3. Travis-The Man Who-Really opened my mind to indie music or music that wasn't mainstream. I found that as I got away from notions that only certain music was cool and opened my mind I found some amazing stuff. Travis was one of them. I have no shame with music now. I love it all and I will tell you.

4. My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade- It's just epic. The writing and tunes and process are amazing. This album is a strong presence because it was there at a time when I was really finding myself :)

5. Pearl Jam-pretty much any album-I am a new Pearl Jam fan. I wonder why this is? Eddie Vedder is seriously amazing and his music touches my heart.

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Richard @ The Bewildered Brit January 22, 2010 at 5:07 PM  

You like Jimmy Eat World? Srsly? I'd never have guessed!

I love Live Through This. Hole get a really bad rap, but this is a truly excellent album. Doll Parts is simply amazing.

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